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Welcome to the 30 Day Challenge.



UPDATE: Next Challenge starts APRIL 1st, 2013!
Sign up is open until 5pm March 31st, 2013

The 30 Day Challenge part III starts on March 1,2013. This challenge will combine nutrition and exercise to get you out of a rut and into some good habits that you can add to your lifestyle. Closing dare for entries is Feb 27th, 2013. If you would like to sign up EMAIL ME. 

In November 2012 I ran a 30 Day Challenge and it involved doing a minimum of 15 minutes of exercise a day. You were allowed ONE rest day in all that time. Most participants enjoyed is so much that they continued on with their newly formed exercise habit after the required 30 days had lapsed. Participants were accountable to me and to each other and found the motivation to do their 15 minutes a day, and then some more. If became such a habit that they started to do it without thinking and that is what we all wanted to achieve. A new and lasting HABIT! This is what you call a lifestyle change. 

I was asked to run another 30 Day Challenge in January 2013 and this time with the focus on nutrition. Knowing I was first to admit I needed to clean up my diet after the holidays I gladly agreed. The 30 Day Challenge ( Part II) was issued and this is the list of participants. To inspire and motivate participants I enlisted the help of Igor Klibanov, CEO of Fitness Solutions Plus to give us tips along the way. 

January 1st - Jan 30th, 2013

The PARTICIPANTS of the Challenge are as follows:
  1. Kristin - Detroit, U.S.A. She is going to curb: White processed carbs - white sugar/white flour.
  2. Sheila - Cape Town, South Africa. She is going to fight the urge to eat: Hard Cow's Milk cheeses.
  3.  Crystal from Regina, SK, Canada and she is going to start with curbing the coffee habit. She is aiming to stay down to 1 caffeinated cup of tea a day. She wrote: "[I] Am going to try replacing some [soda/pop] with warm water and lemon."
  4.  Elisabeth from San Carlos, Mexico says she is going to cut out white carbs (potatoes and rice) and coffee. After a week she cut out dairy too.
  5. I will be in on it too: Melony Teague will be cutting Sugar, dairy, wheat, alcohol and soft drinks.Two cups of coffee a day, down from about 10 cups. After a week I replaced coffee with Green tea, Rooibos Tea, Yerba Mate Tea and Peppermint tea.
  6. Anna from Australia is going to be starting with white carbs. 
  7. Karie-Ann from Elmira, Canada wants to give up alcohol, pop and coffee.
  8. Bonnie from Toronto, Canada is going to to cut out alcohol and dairy. Low and behold, without realizing it, she has since added coffee to her list almost by accident.
  9. Betty from Vancouver Island is going to start with sugar, white carbs and alcohol.
  10. Gail in Ottawa, CA - her challenge is as follows: first sugar (then wheat, then dairy)
  11. Cheryl, Toronto, CA - Alcohol and to cut down on coffee and minimize sugar. 
  12. Mallory from Toronto is replacing White Carbs, with a view to cutting back on sugar.
  13. Sue from Nottingham UK is replacing sugar. 
  14. Nina in Oregon: Joining the goal by ditching sugar and flour - the white stuff. 
  15. Glenda from Toronto, Ontario, Canada is replacing coffee and wheat. 
  16. Jan from Pennsdale, PA is going to replace white carbs 

If you would like to know more about being involved in a 30 Day Challenge, you can email me at info@melonyteague.com

Let me know what kind of Challenge you would find helpful and why. Who knows, perhaps your idea will be the one we use for our next challenge.

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