Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Crisis Averted!

As I posted in my recent blog about my newly discovered product, Organic Coconut Sugar, which in essence is granulated Coconut nectar. I had used it in my brownies, in my goats yoghurt and also in my waffles, muffins etc. So, what I had left of my coconut sugar was down to a few table spoons and I have been driving around for 3 days to all my local grocery stores trying to find out where I can get some more. ( I forgot where I bought it the first time, sigh!) No such luck, I could not find it anywhere!

I went online to find my new favorite product, only to find out that it's GI is the same as table sugar! Oh No! I have been eating it for a month! Read those labels, NECTAR is not the same thing!
I got really hot under the collar here while I realized that I had just discovered why my latest measurements were not great....and now I find out I have been eating something that, although was approved by Igor, is actually easily mistaken for COCONUT PALM SUGAR which is LOW GI!
Coconut NECTAR is not low glycemic! Oops! (Sorry Igor)

So what to do? Okay so I can't do anything about the past, but I can change the future.
My wonderful husband, noticing my impending panic attack went online and found me some COCONUT PALM  SUGAR! You will never guess where.....at my local bulkfood store is where.
So I hopped in the car and tore off to go and buy some. After all, I am about to run out of coconut sugar and I need to make black bean brownies for a meeting on Thursday night. I arrived at the store only 20 minutes before closing time, I grabbed some unsalted nuts, scooped up some carob powder and helped myself to a very large bag of Coconut Sugar. "Phwew!~ I am good for another month"  I mumbled as I browsed the isles.

My jaw just about hit the floor when I saw this: ALL NATURAL - Sweetened with COCONUT PALM SUGAR

GUESS WHAT CAUGHT MY EYE!!! Well, there I am in the store hopping up and down so excited to find a chocolate bar that is SUGAR FREE and not full of all those unpronounceable things that are meant to sweeten products and of which I am very suspicious. I think the lady in the isle with me thought I was a few brownies short of a dessert platter because of the way I reacted. I got one of each flavour and did not even make it home before I had eaten most of my bar.

I could not even finish mine, I gave the rest to my husband. Now if that had have been a sugar filled bar, I would have eaten all 4 of them, bars I mean, I would have eaten all four bars and not just four squares! Could this be the answer I have been looking for? Time will tell.

Click here to view their full product range.

Yep I did not find them in a fancy health store, but in my local BULK FOOD STORE!

Here's an interesting article I came across, I guess coconut Palm Sugar will need to stand the test of time and come out as truly something that is a healthy alternative to sugar in the future. To read it click here. All I can say is that whatever it's GI, consuming this product left me satisfied and satiated, I did not need to go back for more. I also did not find it addictive.This is an important factor for me as a recovering sugar addict.

Since the last blog I have started a Black Bean Brownie Frenzy! Everywhere I turn people are asking for the recipe.
I have a friend in New Zealand who tried them and she loved them too.  Now that I have the correct sugar....I will be back to developing more recipes. Watch this space for more to come.

Oh and I lost 60 pounds!
No, I did not stand on the scale and find I had miraculously lost 60 pounds... I gave my neighbor back her pair of 30 lb dumbells. I will miss them! Guess what I will be looking for at all the garage sales this summer. At least my coconut sugar crisis was resolved.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Black Bean Brownies

They have black beans in them for real! Easy to make and I added carob chips to them. Be sure to use unsweetened cocoa. The brownies are moist and really hit the spot. They rarely last long, probably two days at the most!
Black Bean Brownies

I got the recipe here:
Only thing I changed was that I put Coconut Sugar in it instead of white sugar, and I added 1/2 teaspoon of Chia seeds.

Serve them with frozen yogurt if you are eating that, and if not, goats yoghurt slightly sweetened with Coconut sugar and Vanilla.

My kids loved them and did not even realize that they are full of fiber and protein. They are Gluten Free! Kids can eat them with Ice cream...or without.

Either way,


For more information on the nutritional value of black beans click here.

NOTE: IF you want a VEGAN alternative, substitute Chia seeds mixed with hot water for one egg needed, or Tbsp of ground flax seeds mixed with 3 tbsp water per egg needed.

For other egg substitutions click here.