SEMINARS: Secrets of Body Transformation From The Inside Out

Melony Teague is proud to present the “Secrets of Body Transformation From The Inside Out” seminar featuring herself, Igor Klibanov and Doris Romano.

Melony Teague is the creator and founder of the seminar.

Their Mission:

To offer hope to those who have tried it all and nothing has worked. To offer support and a way of freedom for those suffering from low self esteem and frustration due to weight and fitness reasons. To offer help and guidance to those who suffer from sugar intolerance and addictive behaviors. To offer practical advice as well as emotional support. To provide tools that will help you recognize the signals of bio-feedback which point your way to freedom.
Melony Teague, Igor Klibanov and Doris Romano


"We were fortunate to host the Secrets of Body Transformation from the Inside Out presented by the dynamic trio: Melony Teague, Igor Klibanov and Doris Romano. Their presentation covered the mind, body and soul of transformation. These three professionals from different fields provided synergistic details and perspectives in great detail. We all left the presentation with tangible ideas and resources we could implement to start our own transformations from the inside out."

Billinda Pita & Sat Marway
Founders, Life²


The dynamic trio of Writer Melony Teague, Igor Klibanov and Doris Romano, team up to support and guide you along your journey to make peace with health, fitness and happiness.
Melony Teague is the founder and creator of the “Secrets of Body Transformation from the Inside Out” seminars and workbooks. She is a writer and Blogger who brings her experience as a reformed sugar addict and carbohydrate intolerant individual to bring you tools to help you find liberation from struggles with food and weight-loss. The concept for this seminar was born out of her genuine passion to help others achieve freedom from the affliction of sugar and carbohydrate intolerance and addiction.
Igor Klibanov is a Kinesiologist and young entrepreneur who is passionate about fitness and health and sharing his knowledge and experience with those who need to hear it. Igor Klibanov is an author, award-winning personal trainer and founder of Fitness Solutions Plus. Igor founded Fitness Solutions Plus, because he noticed a gaping missing piece in the industry. He observed that personal trainers were only concentrating on the exercise, but the results can be much better when exercise is combined with proper nutrition and supplementation. He brings his experience and expertise to educate on the “how to” and ” how not to” of fitness and health.
Doris Romano is a Registered Nurse, Holistic Nutritionist, and an expert in making peace with food.
After years of hating her body, torturing herself with diets, and feeling like food had total control over her, she discovered a new approach to weight loss that completely changed her life.
She has helped countless women change their relationship with food and their bodies using an approach to food and healing that goes beyond the body to the deepest place where we long to be fed – our spirits. As a result, they finally feel nourished, joyful, and empowered.
Best known for inspiring women to bring mindfulness and pleasure to their relationship with food, to what’s cooking, and to who’s eating, Doris can be found bringing stillness to our busy lives through her Slow program, reawakening our enjoyment of eating by teaching cooking classes, and writing about true weight loss on her blog.

Starting in January 2013 we welcome our newest member to the team. Glenda Dekkema - de Vries (former) R.N. B.A. uses her knowledge as a Registered Nurse to help us understand the link between excellent nutrition, health and weight control. She is a professional writer and wellness coach who teaches natural methods to prevent obesity and degenerative illnesses. The quality of today’s food is not what it used to be and she believes our bodies, despite the fact that most Canadians are overweight, are actually starving for nutrients, leading us to extreme cravings and binging. The combination of poor food quality and the unregulated toxins we are constantly exposed to make us one of the most ill generations. However, with the right knowledge there is hope that we can all have our healthiest, happiest year yet.

The team are excited to bring you the next seminar entitled, "Facing the New Year."
Jan 29, 2013.Langstaff Community Centre, The Program Room.
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