Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Pumpkin Time Again

October is here and since the leaves are starting to turn their autumn shades and fall gracefully to the ground, that's when I start looking forward to all things PUMPKIN!

There are a few things you may not think to pair up with Pumpkin. Like Cheese for example.
Another way to enhance the flavour is to add sea salt, pepper and butter. Delicious, it is a saltier take on the sweet version. Don't overdo the salt though or the butter.

This morning I had this recipe land in my INBOX :
Soft Pumpkin Cookies.  Give them a try.

Below is the Pumpkin cheese bread I came up with. ENJOY! It is melt in your mouth good!

Pumpkin is high in fiber and vitamin A! Based on a 2,000 calorie diet, a cup of Pumpkin yields 245% Vitamin A, so don't overdo it if you are pregnant. A cup of pumpkin also yields 19% Vitamin C, 4% Calcium and 8% Iron based on the same diet.

The Pumpkin bread recipe above has NO SUGAR added to it! But believe me, it's delicious! 

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