Sunday, 25 March 2012

Switching Gears

Everything hurts....putting a sweatshirt over my head while getting dressed is really painful, I am feeling the effects of working out yesterday, particularly in my upper body.... I guess doing deadlifts with 155 pounds may have something to do with that. So I am back to training and the nutrition plan is going well.
It felt really good to be training again and within 24 hours of getting back on track with my eating I felt so much better. (Remind me of this next time I am tempted to indulge in too much sugar)

In addition to being back in the gym I got weighed and measured too. I was surprised that the eight weeks I had invested in training and strict nutritional plan, together with the supplements paid off. Had I not have done so, the damage would have been much worse. 

I am so excited to have found a Russian bakery and grocery store in our neighbourhood. So this is what I bought:
Buckwheat:Today, buckwheat is widely produced in Russia and Poland, where it plays an important role in their traditional cuisines.
Buckwheat. From Russia...(above)
This is one of those grains that is mistaken for being wheat, but it is in fact gluten free. This is going to help me vary my diet when I get tired of Quinoa.
To learn more about the benefits of Buckwheat click here.

Progress Report 
by Igor Klibanov of Fitness Solutions Plus
Yesterday, we did Mel's first post-Siberia measurements, and to her surprise (but not mine), she had not regressed as far as she thought.

Although she gained some minor amounts of body fat, overall, her measurements stayed steady and she even lost a bit in some areas.

Before continuing with strictly fat loss training, we're changing gears for 2 weeks towards training oriented at adding muscle. Why? Because muscle helps burn fat, so the more of it we can get on Mel, the easier the subsequent fat loss phase will be.

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