Friday, 23 March 2012


The first step was to train for eight weeks to be ready for my Siberian Adventure. Now, I'm back and I had a great time. I will admit that for a week after I got back I did not pay attention to what I ate, or how much coffee I drank, I was just too jet-lagged to care. Now what happens when you let down your guard? DOWNHILL is so easy to fall into the trap..thinking, "diet starts on Monday"...and then you make sure you eat all the food you can't have once you get back with the program. It happens....the thing is to not let it go on too long. is time to face the

What is the hardest thing about getting back on to your nutritional plan once you have been off it for a few weeks? Well it is your mental state. If you are not mentally ready to make the right choices, then you will not succeed. I struggled with it for a few days thinking, "My program is too strict, I can't maintain that!"
I just could not continue to just eat whatever I fancied...which was a lot of chocolate and CARBS! Finally I came to the conclusion that I had to make a decision... I asked myself these questions:
1. How badly did I want to avoid being over weight?
2. Could I comply with a nutritional program for only 2 weeks?
3. Did I want to continue to be a slave to sugar?

Answers: Badly,yes and no.

So with that in mind, why wait until Monday to start back on plan? So I started today. I had quinoa for breakfast with berries and goat's milk. I added some Stevia for sweetness. Lunch was a steak salad. Dinner was Spaghetti bolognaise without spaghetti.

Day one completed!

I realised one adventures are not over...and if I want to be ready for whatever comes my way...I need to look after my body and stay fit!

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