Monday, 13 February 2012

How to survive Valentine's day when on a nutritional plan....

First of all, let me just say that in no way have I been deprived of chocolate on my nutritional plan. I am allowed unsweetened cocoa and unsweetened, dairy free chocolate. Yes it is bitter, but eat it with a hand full of nuts and it tastes just fine!

Will I miss the other kind of chocolate on Valentine's day? No. Why?

First of all, sometimes chocolate, particularly heart shaped chocolate really does not taste as good as it looks. Often the foil wrapped, shaped chocolates you find all over on valentines day are made out of poor quality chocolate, so I remind myself: It probably will not taste as good as it looks.

Second, I am going out for breakfast instead of husband and I will be celebrating Valentines day over breakfast which minimises the need for those decadent desserts the restaurants like to push on Valentines.

If you want to feel spoiled, you don't need chocolate to make you feel special, flowers will do the trick and they are calorie free. (Unless you eat them, which I do not advise.)

Have some sparkling water with your meal instead of that glass of still feels special and bubbly.

If you really do want a special treat, how about some Quinoa Cocoa waffles?

Topped with blackberries, blueberries and plain goats yoghurt, they were delicious, I drizzled a little almond butter over the waffles before putting on the toppings.

The waffle mixture was made out of Quinoa flour, Protien Isolate Sugar free powder (Whey ), unsweetened organic Cocoa Powder, ground flax seed, ground cinnamon and a small amount of Stevia. This batter requires 3 eggs and some butter and I used almond milk, but all in all a delicious and nutritious combination.

How about a special Roast beef Spinach salad with strawberries and pine nuts for lunch?

Making your salad colourful and introducing texture will keep salads interesting.
Vary your salad dressing. Mine are sugar free.

Tomorrow starts week 8 of training.

I look forward to weigh and measure on Wednesday and I hope that the photos will do justice to how much better I feel since I started working out in the gym and changing my nutritional habits. Okay, so don't expect me to look like a supermodel...but I feel like one!

Happy Valentines Day!

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