Friday, 17 February 2012

Last word from Igor

I have reached the conclusion of my pre-Siberia Trip workouts with Fitness Solutions Plus.  I have really enjoyed working out and having my trainer no more than an email or phone call away if I had any concerns or questions. I am stronger, fitter and "giggle" less after 7 weeks and I am confident that I am ready for whatever lies ahead in Siberia. I leave today.

We had our last weigh and measure session on Wednesday and here is the verdict, straight from Igor himself:

Week 7 Progress Report.
By Igor Klibanov.

Wednesday was Melony's last training day, so we took her final set of measurements before she's off to Siberia.

Surprisingly, despite the hard work, the majority of her measurements actually got slightly worse. But this was expected. Although her nutrition was as close to perfect as you could hope for, the training started taking its toll.

When a person is starting to become over-trained, fat mass increases, and muscle mass decreases. This seemed to be what is happening with Mel right now. But there are stages to over-training, and the first stage is over-reaching. Overreaching is when there are just the small symptoms of over training, like not being able to recover workout to workout, and an increase in fat mass, combined with a decrease in muscle mass.

However, if overreaching is used strategically, like before a long break from training, it can actually work to the person's favour. So even though Melony will be exercising less in Siberia, and probably not eating as clean since she doesn't have full control over what she will be given to eat, she will come back leaner.

Overall, you couldn't ask for better compliance. And the Afrikaans that I learned will come in handy. So Melony, buy a donkey (okay, I know it's spelled "baie danke", which means thank you very much, but I like my way better) for teaching me Afrikaans.

Until I return, stay healthy!  Thank you to those who have supported and encouraged me all the way. You know who you are!

Signing off for a while,

Melony Teague.

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