Sunday, 5 February 2012

The prowler that nearly wiped me out!

I have come to the end of week 6 and man I am wiped! When Igor said we would be introducing something "different" this week what he meant was that we would be adding 26- 29 minutes of High intensity Interval training AFTER every weight lifting workout. Let me just say, it fatigued my muscles so much that the same weight felt like a ton the next day.

After the first workout I did the horrible elliptical, I feel so weird on that thing. The routine was 3 minutes moderate exercise, then one minute high intensity and resistance  exercise, repeated 6 times! 

After the second workout I did the same routine on the treadmill...never again will I say I am not a to the elliptical, the treadmill is wonderful.

After the third workout I did this thing where you hold two very long and heavy ropes and  you have to pretend they are as light as ribbons and cause them to make pretty little waves in the one minute high intensity phase. waves were not so pretty. Thankfully Igor was not watching! 

Please note this was after doing deadlifts with ninety pounds of weight in total. (90lbs)

Then came the dreaded "Prowler", if you have ever seen football guys train you will know what it is. It is like a sled with weights on it that you push along the carpeted floor. With it being my pre super-bowl workout for a fleeting moment I knew something of what it was like to be a football player. And I did not love it! My legs burned so badly that it was torture indeed.  For more information on the Prowler and what it looks like, click here.

This is how Igor explained the necessity for the torture, I mean High Intensity Interval training he so graciously added to this week's routine:

Fat burning is actually a 3-step process.
By Igor Klibanov

Step 1: mobilisation. This is the process of getting the fat out of the fat cell.

Step 2: transport. This is the process of moving the fat from the blood into tissues that can burn it (like muscles, liver and the heart).

Step 3: oxidation. This is the actual burning of the fat.

For people with different body fat levels, different steps are limiting further fat loss.

In the obese, the oxidation phase is problematic. They have plenty of fat floating around in their blood, but the cells have become damaged, so they can't oxidize fat very efficiently.

At the other end, for lean individuals, mobilisation is a problem. It is difficult to get fat out of the fat cell.

In the middle, there really are no problems.

I asked Igor where I fit into the equation and this was his answer: "Lucky you. You're right in the in-between category, that has no problems with either one."

My meals have continued to be on track and we have started discussing how to handle my nutrition on my upcoming trip to Siberia. Igor is giving me helpful hints and stratergies to help me cope in Siberia.

When everyone else was having pizza at home this week, I made a "pizza" of my own. I used Filafel chips (Chic pea chips) as my base, on top I added some sockeye salmon (from a can) and then some slices of ripe, but firm tomatoes, and topped it off with some goats milk Mozzarella. Broiled it in the oven and it was delicious. It satisfied that Pizza craving without cheating.  The next time I made it, I used skinless cooked chicken breast along with the other toppings. I found it to be a very satisfying snack. Not only was it healthy, but full of fibre, protein and it is low in sodium and very tasty.

For dinner one night during the week I made stuffed chicken breasts with sautee'd vegetables. The Chicken breasts were skinless and stuffed with asparagus, herb soft goats cheese and rosemary. I baked them in the oven while preparing the vegetables in a frying pan using grapeseed oil. The vegetables were julienne zucchini, parsnips and carrots. The vegetables look like fries but they are not.
I also made some red lentil, ginger and carrot and tomato soup which the family loved. I served it on pasta for the children as a sauce and my son who hates vegetables loved it and declared" I like this sauce mom, and it does not even have vegetables in it." Only after he cleaned his plate did I let him in on my little secret!

Igor Approved of it too, he said it was "excellent!"

I think my husband is enjoying the fact that I am taking more time to prepare meals instead of just grabbing a chocolate bar or something quick and UN-healthy.

Next week we start a new exercise plan, but first I get to rest tomorrow. I need it.

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