Monday, 18 June 2012

Facing a New Adventure

Life is an adventure...just when you think you have planned out your summer, life jumps out at you and yells, "SURPRISE!"

So here I am embarking on another is a short term and the other is for an undetermined while.

The first change is one that I have expected for a while. My husband is going to be going off to Siberia this week to go on his own adventure to hand out eyeglasses to those who do not have access to medical care. He will be traveling to villages that are not accessible by road and so his mode of transport other than plane, will be horseback and river raft.

My adventure:
Survival for 3 weeks without my husband when the kids will be on school holidays most of the duration of his trip. I am going to have to get creative and make sure they stay active and amused. This is my short term goal until he gets back.

Long term goal: I no longer have a car to drive, which means that I will be relying on my bike.
What a great way to keep fit, I did all my errands today on my bike. Thankfully I have a good backpack and it did not rain!

I have heard of people drinking "green smoothies" and no that does not mean they have green tea in them, it means they have kale, or swiss chard or anything else green in them that you would normally eat. I have always just dismissed it as another one of those things health-conscious vegans do. Finally after hearing about them for a while I thought that I better give them a try before I write them off.

KaleOne of the reasons for having them is if you just don't manage to get all the greens you need to get into your day. Fancy Juicer machines are great, but they take out some of the fibre in the fruit and vegetables.
Smoothies really are blended up fruit and vegetables, fiber, nutrients and all.

I have one a day now, and I love it. My digestion is improved and I am getting the nutrients and goodness from the vegetables I would not normally eat. Another benefit, I give them to the kids and they drink them when they would not touch a leaf with a barge pole.
Take Kale for instance, I have tried the Kale chips, but I think I over cook them...I just can't seem to get them right, nor do I seem to get the flavour right. The last batch were so salty I could not eat them. After a few times of attempting Kale chips I think I will stick to the smoothies. My smoothies are not always green in colour, it all depends on whether I add carrots or berries. They are different every day. My post workout smoothies are different to my daily smoothies. Since I only have one smoothie a day, if I am working out on a particular day I choose to have my smoothie after I have hit the shower. I will then add whey powder ( Igor approved of course!)

For more information on the nutrients found in Kale click here.

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