Saturday, 23 June 2012

If I had to do it over again.

Rex the Alligator, he feels squishy like marshmallows!

There is nothing like a sunny Saturday to make you feel energised. This afternoon we ventured out to the official opening of our brand new local community centre and there were many attractions and no entrance fees. There was a table selling the usual stuff (hot dogs, hamburgers and chips etc)  and I didn't have any. I had just had a smoothie at home. The community centre offers wonderful opportunities for families to remain active together.

This time my smoothie contained Almond Milk ( unsweetened), a banana, chia seeds, a little psyllium fibre and a spoon full of peanut butter. Ice cubes were added of course and also a few fresh crisp Kale leaves.

I know Peanut butter is not the best choice, but it is a whole lot better than having a burger. You have to choose your battles sometimes.

Zoo to You had animals there on show and you could make friends with a few of them. Rex was one of them. He was a little American Alligator and rather a friendly chap I would say. He felt different to what I thought he would. Rather like stale marshmallows with that sort of dry squishy feel to him.

I had not problem getting to know Rex, but then I had the pleasure of meeting Sting. No, not the British singer, Sting, but an Emperor Scorpion. He was actually quite surprisingly beautiful colour, not just black but the light was making him a dark blue-green colour. I kept my distance though... I have seen way too many movies that cast the Scorpion as the bad guy.

I was tempted to overcome my fear of them and hold Sting ... I really did think about it.
As I was about to ask if I could hold him, the lady holding Sting said that he was getting ancy and she was going to put him away. I didn't know if I was relieved or disappointed. 

All I can say is that if I DID hold him, I wanted a photo of it for bragging rights. My kids had run off to see the Tortoise and the hare ( real ones) and so I suppose even if I had have plucked up the courage, there was no way of proving it. 

At the end of the day as I think of it I think I am disappointed that I didn't get to know Sting a little more. An opportunity to overcome a fear was lost and should the chance arise again, guess who will be first in line? I will. 

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