Sunday, 22 July 2012

Not your Vegan BFF's sort of CHICK PEA Salad

You have heard of mushy peas in a can, so have I and I have not been able to pluck up the courage to try them. I have been known to boil them and add chopped mint leaves, otherwise known as "Minted Peas." I hope you are not like my little cousin, who when told as a kid that he should eat all his peas because it would "put hairs on his chest" and from that day forward never again a pea in any shape or form did pass his lips.

It is Pea Season in Ontario and I was given a brown bag of freshly picked peas. They are good just to crack open and eat as a snack, but lately I have been doing something a little different with these little green packages of sweet of Energy, Lutein, Fibre, Vit A, Vit C and Iron.

Instead of the usual preparation method of boiling them I have been extracting them from their shells and tossing them straight into a salad.

I was at a bbq a few weeks back and someone had brought a salad that consisted of fresh raw green peas, bacon bits, cucumber and mayonnaise. I don't remember exactly what the rest of the ingredients were, but for this first time in my life, peas were viewed as a salad ingredient and not just a side to roast beef. Why not add these little lutein bundles into my salads from now on?

 I sliced up some skinless chicken breast and added it to my field greens. I sliced up some red peppers and tossed them, together with some pumpkin seeds into the bowl and VOILA! My chicken salad was enlivened by peas and I had a little chuckle when I realized that my salad was CHICK- PEA salad.

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