Saturday, 7 July 2012


Have you ever stood scratching your head at dinner time thinking, "What on earth do I cook for dinner?" Before you on the kitchen counter is an array of random foods that you need to use up or have left in your fridge. Why waste the half a cabbage, but how on earth will you make a meal out of it that will not only be edible, but nutritious? I can help!

Sometimes it is a challenge to come up with something on the spur of the moment without having to spend hours googling a recipe and then following it.  I have a challenge for you. Your challenge is to look in your refrigerator or cupboard and pick 5 ingredients that you would like to use up and send me your ingredient list. I will come up with a recipe named after you!

Tilapia with spinach mandarin salad.
Perhaps they are there because they are left overs, or you bought the particular ingredient because someone told you it was "good for you" but you have no idea to prepare it. Or perhaps you have just run out of inspiration.

This is what I propose:

Respond to this post by emailing me your list of ingredients and I will take you up on your RECIPE CHALLENGE to come up with a recipe to use up said ingredients and I will post meal ideas and the end product together with some nutritional information and a photograph.

Please bear in mind that I prefer to use healthy ingredients, full of good nutrients and ones that will benefit you. In a perfect world we all have such ingredients in abundance. I realise sometimes we end up with things in our pantry that were bought out of curiosity or mysteriously landed in the shopping cart. Either way, if you are not going to donate them to the local food-bank or throw them out, they will stay in your pantry until you do something with that can or bag of whatever it may be. Or if it is fresh, you will remove it from the back of your fridge and donate it to science for further investigation.

Throw open those pantry doors and dig out the long forgotten ingredients lurking in the back and let's use them up. Email me, I'd love to help!

If you would like to take up the RECIPE CHALLENGE with me, email me and mark your email as RECIPE CHALLENGE. Click here.

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