Saturday, 9 February 2013

Sign up here for the next 30 Day Challenge

The next 30 Day Challenge (Part III) starts March 1, 2013 and this time we are combining a fitness component together with a nutritional component and it is going to be a whole lot of fun. If you are interested in signing up for it EMAIL ME by clicking here. I will be posting the rules of the challenge soon, but you may ask me, what will I get out of it.

Rather than me tell you what I think you will get out of it, I want to you read for yourself what past participants got out of it: 30 Day Challenge (Part I ) and 30 Day Challenge (Part II)

One participant of the first 30 Day Challenge shared with me after the month was up that I had gotten her into the habit of exercising at least 15 minutes a day, she had enjoyed it so much, that she had joined her local curves and is determined to lose the weight she is carrying and has been battling with for years. All this from just walking with her dog and husband every day on the fist 30 Day Challenge! That got me really excited!

The fun part of the challenge is that people send in photos from all over the world, this one was sent in from San Carlos, Mexico. Participants receive personal encouragement from me and I answer any questions that arise. I post recipes for you to try and advice and tips on better nutrition, more effective fitness and less toxic products.

The accountability to fellow participants is a major factor in the success of these challenges and participants can encourage each other and cheer each other on. It works.

I will be introducing some new rules which will help push up the success rate and minimise the drop off rate.

If you just need that little push to get out of a rut, this challenge is for you. You may think that 30 days is too long, but let me tell you this, most participants comment at the end of the challenge how quickly the 30 days have gone and there is a tangible feeling of sadness at the end of it. They want it to go on!

Let me be clear, a 30 Day challenge is not here as a quick fix, it is here to get you out of habits, ruts and routines that may be holding you back. You will learn a few things, adjust a few things, make a few mistakes, and learn from them and you will come out of it knowing yourself a whole lot better.

You have got nothing to lose, come on, email me if you are interested.

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