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30 Day Challenge Part III Participant list - Look whose about to embark on an adventure.

30 Day Challenge for Life and Adventures

Part III 



Adventure Participant list

This challenge is going to be so much fun and I look forward to getting to know you better and helping you along the way to self discovery. You will be doing 6 days a week of minimum 15 minutes exercise a day of your choosing. You can do that, it's easy, once you get into it, you will start to look forward to your 15 minutes, trust me, the power of habit is a strong one. Then you will be required to take a look at your nutritional health, and you will be asked to pick 2 things on the list to replace for the duration of the challenge. Again this is totally do-able and you will be allowed 3 "get out of jail" cards, but more on that later. You will also be asked to complete some beneficial homework questions or assignments. Some will be reflective, some will just be a whole lot of fun.

For this Challenge, we will have three components on which to focus, they are simply:
1. Motivation
2. Nutrition
3. Exercise

Here is the replacement list for the nutritional part of the challenge!

SUGAR Choose Coconut palm sugar, Stevia, dates and fruit. I would avoid Agave Nectar or other sweeteners at this time. Read more about sweeteners and their risks and more about Stevia here.
If you are panicking about chocolate, good news, you can have 80% Dark Chocolate, or 90 % and if you really want 100 %. Unsweetened cocoa is good for adding to smoothies if you need a chocolate fix and it will not give you a sugar rush.  Beware of hidden sugars like high fructose corn syrup, glucose fructose, maltodextrin and dextrose. If you are wondering if you made the right choice to kick the sugar habit, read this.

COFFEE - Replace with Herbal teas, Green Tea, Peppermint Tea, Unsweetened hot apple cider.

Participant Elisabeth from San Carlos Mexico says,"Drinking decaffeinated tea to replace the coffee has worked - no withdrawal headaches! " and Karie- Anne from Elmira wrote, "I replaced the coffee with green tea and water for the pop." Just a reminder, Green tea is not caffeine free, so please be aware of that, however it is full of other beneficial ingredients. 

Be warned you may experience headaches from cutting back, but keep at it a little by little.  Increase your water consumption at this time, it will help you feel better. Take comfort that the headaches should not last longer than a day or two. If your headaches persist longer than a week, please see your health care provider, unless of course you were drinking two pots a day and now are only drinking 2 cups, that may take a little longer to adjust.

WHITE CARBS -  instead try: 100 % stone ground wheat, sprouted grains. Quinoa (Red and White) and Buckwheat.
Berries and low Glycemic fruit are not considered CARBS on this Challenge. White carbs are white potatoes, white rice, white bread, white pasta and corn.

ALCOHOL - Try this instead: Sparkling water with lime and flavored water. Here are some awesome ideas too. You HAVE To click this link! Seriously.

DAIRY- Replace with Almond Milk, Organic Soy Milk ( and Organic ONLY) and Coconut Milk. You can also try hemp milk and rice milk. Rice milk does not have many nutrients in it, so that would be the last choice.

WHEAT - Choose Spelt, Quinoa, Gluten Free Organic Oates. Quinoa and Buckwheat. Coconut flour is also a great and tasty alternative.

GRAINS - Try some of these foods instead of grains: Sunflower seeds, nuts, pumpkin seeds, Quinoa and Buckwheat. Flax seed too, but it is best ground.

SOFT DRINKS -  Choose to have Sparkling water, unsweetened juices instead.


Since today (March 1,2013) is DAY 1, it is weigh in and measure day.

Participants will weigh and record it, and you will measure with a tape measure. Here are the areas measured: Neck, upper right arm, chest, ribs, waist, abdomen, hip/buttock, right upper thigh, knee, calf and ankle. Here is a list of measurements and a description of each one in case you have any questions about measuring. CLICK HERE.
These measurements are kept for comparison on day 15 and day 30. Someone said once: "If you are not "assessing" you are "guessing"."

Here is the list of participants from all over the world
  1. Cheryl, Aurora, Canada
  2. Jan, Pennsdale, PA
  3. Wilma, Brandon, Canada
  4. Elisabeth, San Carlos, Mexico
  5. Heather, Williams Lake, BC.
  6. Sheila, Cape Town, South Africa
  7. Anna, Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia
  8. Crystal, Regina, Canada
  9. Bonnie, Toronto, Canada
  10. June, Dewdney BC 
  11. Betty, from Vancouver Island, BC
  12. Allan, Williams Lake, BC.
  13. Beth, Pittsburgh, PA   
  14. Dena Lewis in Wilsonville, OR.
  15. Ishii, Orem, UT
  16. Nicole,Washington,Seattle
  17. Livia, Auckland, New Zealand
  18. Mallory, Toronto 
  19. Melony Teague, Toronto 

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