Friday, 5 July 2013

Girl's Night Out

One contributing factor that helps participants achieve success on their 30 Day Challenges is accountability and support. For this challenge I have introduced something different and it is going to be fun. You can do it too and let me know how it went. I have included some links below for you to check out.

Girl's Night Out

Pick one night to go out with some BFF's with healthy snacks and chats.
Share with your friends your victories so far on the challenge and ask them to support you through it.


Here are some ideas for your
Girl's Night Out
  1. Supply the snacks and invite your friends on a picnic. Take healthy snacks, lemon water and a little note to tell each person what they mean to you. No cake needed, when friendship fills the heart. 
  2. Meet at your favourite coffee shop and order a Peppermint tea or Rooibos tea. Share your story with your friends and ask them to support you. 
  3. Ask each person to prepare one hilariously funny story to share with the those gathered.
 A few words of caution:
Try to avoid decaff coffee since typically the caffeine is removed chemically. Check out the methods of decaffienation discussed here.
Green tea can be acidic, so watch your intake if you are trying to avoid too much acidity in your body.
If you have to have Soy milk, Choose Organic Soy milk if at all possible. 
I prefer to have half and half...since I only have one cup a day! ( According to "The Plan" by Lyn Genet - it is less reactive and less likely to cause weight gain. 

 Submit your photo to me to post with a few words.

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