Thursday, 4 July 2013

Where do we come from? Part II

To all my USA Participants, Happy July 4th! 
We are on day 4 of the Summer 30 Day Challenge! 


Today we had one more participant join the challenge!  
Welcome to Debra.

Here is a landmark photo from her.

Debra is rearing to go and wrote,
"My goal is to stop overeating and eating when I am not hungry. I will give up sugar and soda."

Day 2 and 3 have been good ones, and although the first few days are hardest it is best to just keep going. So there may be wobbles along the is not perfection we are striving for but PROGRESS.

Sheila from Cape Town, South Africa reported,
"My Day 3 was spent enjoying the cold Winter sunshine in the winelands with a friend - after 2 hours at gym, burning calorie."
Nina in Oregon reported,
"Day 2 went very well. Made good food choices, portion control, exercise- walk with Husband and Dog, met my veggi/ fruit goal and met the protein goal for the 1st time in weeks. It takes focus to get nutrition into balance! Working on doing the same for Day 3."
Crystal in Regina reported,
"Day 2: Dairy free! 90 min weeding in +32C, lots of bending and hacking and hoeing. Garden looks good though."

 This was day 2's lunch with lemon and olive oil dressing.

As for me I am seeing good progress on the scale already! 
Well done to all the participants so far! 

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  1. Wonderful pic Debra:)Two states I have yet to go to are the Dakotas. Would love to see SD. Family (Swedes & Finns) on my mom's side came from the Dakotas, although the majority were farmers in North Dakota:)

    The food looks yummy!

  2. July 4th, great day, over on calories, but all clean.

    GREAT photo Debra.


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