Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Digestive Discussions

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Digestive Discussions

Don't worry, you can relax, no need to proceed with caution; this will not be a case of TMI (Too Much Information) Last week a fellow mom and I were talking about my journey with food and I was sharing with her my story of how I broke free from addiction to sugar. Then the topic went over to digestion and how some people digest things slower than others. For instance, my son digests food differently to his sister, and so I am aware of what they eat and what they need to eat to digest their food in a way that is comfortable for them. I want to avoid bloating and constipation in my daughter and so I have to train her, and I have had to train myself to be mindful of food combinations.

Food combinations? When I first read about that I thought it was only for those who were health fanatics, you know the raw vegan clan (I love them) and those who have intolerance. Taking the time to be mindful of what you eat and how it affects your body is a great tool in giving your body what it needs in the right combinations. Only in trail and error did I realize that I needed to take heed and implement the food combination rules. Now I am not saying you have to beat yourself up about it and be obsessive about it, but I gave it a try and my digestion has improved.

Food combining is the simple practice of eating certain foods in combination with others, while avoiding less beneficial combinations. The result, is proper digestion, and a healthy PH level within the body.

The most basic of food combining principles is this:
  1. Fruit is eaten alone - half hour before any other foods, on empty stomach
  2. Animal proteins + veggies
  3. Starches like pasta / rice / bread + veggies
  4. No animal proteins + starches
  It isn't a 'proven' philosophy, but it works well for those with slow digestion.

(Thank you to Holistic Nutritionist, Doris Romano) for helping me with the food combinations above. I have to say, since I have tried to keep this in mind, my own digestion has improved. Sometimes you just have to try things for yourself and see if they benefit you. Every BODY is different and so is your digestion. I have to say that I am now aware of the combinations my children eat and how it affects them. It is going to be quite a challenge to get them out of having starches with protein, but if it improves my daughter's digestion it is worth it.

The next question that was posed was: So What do you have for breakfast then if you can't have Egg on Toast? Breakfast needs to be something that keeps you sated and lasts longer than an hour.
So my mission was to come up with BREAKFAST IDEAS that keep these combinations in mind.
First of all, you have to change your perception of breakfast. I does not have to be served in a bowl with milk. Seriously, you can have this for breakfast and it will be okay, you will survive! ( The cheese was goat's cheddar, but you can use dairy free cheese. Daiya is a good option)
You will not die without toast with your eggs.

By Melony Teague

If you do HAVE to have toast, your options are:
Toast with Almond butter, Hazelnut Butter, Sunflower seed butter and any combinations of these.

Fried Tomato makes a good substitute for sugar-filled ketchup. And you really don't NEED toast with this meal. (I always try to make your sausages gluten free and free of additives etc)

For something hot and comforting try this SEEDY BREAKFAST.

Which one would you pick as your favorite? 


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