Tuesday, 11 December 2012

30 Day Challenge - The last week is here.

30 Day Challenge New Rule: You are allowed ONE rest day. Use it wisely! 

Bonus addition today is an instructional video from my favourite trainer, Igor Klibanov.
I can't emphasis the importance of good form when you do weight training, or any exercise for that matter. This is a good reminder for our 30 Day Challenge participants.

By Igor Klibanov

Day 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27 of the 30 Day Challenge

Day 22, Tuesday Dec 4th, 2012

  • Mel - 5 core strengthening exercises "....I can feel that those side bends with the 10 pound weights are getting steadier and easier and I have more flexibility, tonight I threw in a plank just for fun = 21 minutes." - Toronto. Ontario, Canada
  • Mallory - Is still recovering from Sinus infection, hopes to be back soon - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Crystal - 15 minutes dance workout. - Regina SK Canada.
  • Goanna -recovering from knee injury
  • Lis -25 mins Yoga (Sun Wind sequence)- San Carlos, Mexico.
  • K - 25 mins treadmill 3.5 mph/10% incline. "I almost didn't do it. Felt better after."
    - Detroit, MI
  • Ishii - Did 25 mins on the mini trampoline and walked the dogs for 15 mins - Urem, UT
  • Tanya -body aches and exhaustion - NYC
  • Lily -Walking
  • Jill - Walked the dog and the husband - Toronto
  • Tofodil- 15 minutes of exercise done.
  • Bella - No Data - Ottawa, ON Canada.
  • Lilith - 40 minute dance workout - James Bay Region of Northern Quebec.
  • Sheila - 60 Minutes Aqua Aerobics with resistance equipment; Extra walk to recycle bins with bags of papers- Cape Town, South Africa 

Day 23, Wednesday, Dec 5th, 2012

  • Mel - "No swimming today, had a massive headache all day that got worse as the day went along! I thought that it was because I needed to eat, but that did not seem to help much, so I think it is bath and early to bed. I did force myself to do 15 minutes strength exercises, 2 arm exercises and 1 calf raises."   - Toronto. Ontario, Canada
  • Mallory - Sinus infection - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Crystal - 15 min dancing. Not heavy duty but I kept moving. - Regina SK Canada.
  • Goanna -resting knee
  • Lis - 25 mins Yoga (Seated Twist Sequence) and 5 min Butt Firming Workout (SP video)- "The other day we took a short stroll on the beach - not really a workout, more meditative, so I didn't log the minutes."- San Carlos, Mexico.
  • K - 30 mins treadmill 3.5 mph - Detroit, MI
  • Ishii - 1.24 hrs of walking. - Urem, UT
  • Tanya - Sick  - NYC
  • Lily -Walking
  • Jill -walking the dog - Toronto
  • Tofodil-  Core workout = 30 min
  • Bella - No Data - Ottawa, ON Canada.
  • Lilith - 20 min aerobics - James Bay Region of Northern Quebec.
  • Sheila -Aqua Aerobics and BodyWorx studio class - 60 minutes each
    30 minutes garden work - trimming /dead-heading bushes - Cape Town, South Africa

Day 24, Thursday, Dec 6th, 2012

  • Mel -2 sets of side bends with dumbbells; "Well Lis did some, so I figured I should too) and about an hour of heavy cleaning, scrubbing walls, floor, kitchen cabinets etc. Carrying boxes up and down stairs, and then tonight I did some more side bends and some planks."  - Toronto. Ontario, Canada
  • Mallory - Sinus infection - still recovering but: "I walked for 20 minutes in the cold.. LOL (it wasn't 100 percent intentional, but I did it anyways so it counts so there." - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Crystal - 15 min walking. "In circles. In the house. At least I got it done." - Regina SK Canada.
  • Goanna -walking; in recovery from twisted knee.
  • Lis -25 min Yoga (Coming Home sequence), 8 min Upper Body Sculpt (New You Bootcamp SP video) and 5 mins dumbbell side bends (2 sets of 15 each side) - San Carlos, Mexico.
  • K - 60 mins Zumba. Just what the spirit needed. - Detroit, MI
  • Ishii - walking the dog  - Urem, UT
  • Tanya - Going up and down stairs - NYC
  • Lily -walking
  • Jill - walking the dog- Toronto
  • Tofodil- Kelly Coffee-Meyer's NYC Body Sculpting Workout = 60 min
  • Bella - No Data - Ottawa, ON Canada.
  • Lilith -Started an exercise class tonight called Bounce Fit. 60 minutes of cardio and resistance exercises using a yoga ball. - James Bay Region of Northern Quebec.
  • Sheila - "I ended up hauling furniture around for most of the day and scrubbing, cleaning, decluttering and probably would have had more rest if I'd gone to gym." - Cape Town, South Africa 

Day 25, Friday, Dec 7th, 2012

  • Mallory - still not feeling well  - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Crystal -  15 walking, well more like slipping but close enough  - Regina SK Canada.
  • Goanna - walking
  • Lis - Sea Kayaking - San Carlos, Mexico.
  • K -25 mins treadmill - Detroit, MI
  • Ishii -I did 30 min of my jogging on my mini tramp.  - Urem, UT
  • Tanya - 50 Min Gym- NYC
  • Lily - Walking
  • Jill - walking- Toronto
  • Tofodil- 30 min walk with the dog.
  • Bella - No Data - Ottawa, ON Canada.
  • Lilith - Family Emergency - James Bay Region of Northern Quebec.
  • Sheila -60 minutes Aqua Aerobics; 60 minutes BodyWorx - Cape Town, South Africa 

Day 26, Sat, Dec 8th, 2012

  • Mel -  Hip Flexor; Side bends; seated knee lifts; dumbbell side bends ( see above) for 20 min - Toronto. Ontario, Canada 
  • Mallory -  - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Crystal -15 minutes walking again and a few weights.   - Regina SK Canada.
  • Goanna - 15 minute walk and the physio exercises.
  • Lis -25 mins Yoga (Swan Sequence) - San Carlos, Mexico.
  • K -50 mins strength training legs - Detroit, MI
  • Ishii - finished a combined dog walk and short run with hubby for a total of 1 hr of exercise.  - Urem, UT
  • Tanya - 30 minutes walk - NYC
  • Lily -Got one hour of leisurely walking
  • Jill - - Toronto
  • Tofodil- 60 min Peak 10 Cardio Strength
  • Bella - No Data - Ottawa, ON Canada.
  • Lilith -Family Emergency - James Bay Region of Northern Quebec.
  • Sheila -5 minutes gardening - move the hosepipe and a couple of garden chairs. Take some dead branches to the garbage bag on the pool fence - oops, slipped into pool - gashed knee - 2 minutes trying to haul myself out of 21C water - 5 minutes removing wet clothing - oh that looks too serious for band aid - find dry clothes and call neighbour for ride to ER - hop to car and into ER - hop to get treatment, hop again for Xray, and back to neighbour's car. Hop to get ice pack and breakfast (all this started at 7a.m.) hop to remote control on sofa - rest ice elevate for 3 days - 5 stitches and Tetanus shot - Cape Town, South Africa

Day 27, Sunday, Dec 9th, 2012

  • Mel - Lower body workout, 3 main exercises, 2 sets of 15 for each one! Calf raises with dumbbells ( 20 pounds in total); Forward lunges (One with dumbbells and one without) - "These almost did me in!"
    Wide leg squat with 10 pound dumbbell! - Toronto. Ontario, Canada
  • Mallory - Almost back - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Crystal - 15 minutes walking and doing chores - Regina SK Canada.
  • Goanna -REst day - coffee received!
  • Lis -25 mins Yoga (Third Eye Sequence) 9 min Thigh Toning Workout (SP New You Bootcamp) "The yoga was planks and side planks, up and down dogs and swans in the main part of the session - hard on my wrists but I know I am getting stronger because I can do them without needing to put a knee to the floor for extra support - progress!"
    - San Carlos, Mexico.
  • K - 45 mins strength training, 30 mins treadmill, 3 sets of 12 push ups - Detroit, MI
  • Ishii - 3 sets of push ups. "Walking the critters for 30 mins and getting in those pushups". - Urem, UT
  • Tanya -15 min Abs workout - NYC
  • Lily - 30" of rebounding today
  • Jill - walking - Toronto
  • Tofodil- 30 min of treadmill
  • Bella - No Data - Ottawa, ON Canada.
  • Lilith -Family emergency - James Bay Region of Northern Quebec.
  • Sheila -Official rest day - Rest Ice Elevate - thought I might hobble over to the Mall but that's probably not the best idea I've had - maybe I'll do some sit-ups when I reach for the remote, my Kindle and my BB - Cape Town, South Africa

  The end of the Challenge is coming up fast and I for one will be sad when it is over, I will continue with my new habit of exercise EVERY DAY! How about you?

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