Monday, 17 December 2012

The countdown in on- 30 Day Challenge is over and done with, wow~!

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30 Day Challenge, Last 3 days! 


We did it!

If you want to know more about how this 30 Day Challenge came about click here. 

  I found the transition into fall a little challenging this year. The urge to hibernate on rainy cold damp days was overwhelming sometimes. I had lost some of the momentum that I had in the summer where I ran three times a week. I know from experience that all it takes is a little motivation and a LOT of blackmail and then I am back rolling along as I did before. A co-worker posted on her facebook page that she was battling to fit her daily exercise in and was feeling "blah" and wanted a change. Having a fitness partner and someone to be accountable to, is something that really works when it comes to sticking with a program. Knowing that we would have a better chance of success if we tackled this problem together, I issued her a challenge..and here we are at the end of the Challenge and I am delighted with the results. Not only have 15 of us (one wanted to remain anonymous) finished our challenge, but we have stood by each other every step of the way. One dear participant had a lupus flare up so really had a hard time with that. If you know anything about Lupus you will know what a challenge living with this auto-immune disease is.  No, the 30 Day Challenge was not always easy, some sustained injuries, or experiences sickness or circumstances beyond their control but for the most part each participant did what they could to be accountable to one another and to do their 15 minutes a day. Most participants now consider their 15 minutes a day as a habit now and feel like something is missing if they do not do their bit. Now they want to stick with it and add something more. That makes me so happy, we are all "unstuck" and that was the purpose of the challenge. Congratulations to all the participants!

Thank you to Crystal for sending in this one!

Day 28: Monday, Dec 10, 2012


  • Mel - Dumbbell Lateral Raises; Alternating Dumbbell Biceps Curls and Mel- Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extensions. - Toronto. Ontario, Canada
  • Mallory -Still not back in the game - YET! - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Crystal -15 minutes of walking, that was it - Regina SK Canada.
  • Goanna - 15 minutes walking to the physio and 15 mins exercise given to me by the physio.
  • Lis -25 mins Yoga (Spring Wind Series) and 9 min Bootcamp Core Workout (SP video) - San Carlos, Mexico.
  • K - 45 mins strength training chest & triceps, 3 sets of crunches & 30 mins treadmill. Total of 75 mins - Detroit, MI
  • Ishii - "I did Jillian Michaels 30 day shred for 30 mins. I also shoveled the walk and walked 30 mins in the cold, and 1 walk at work for 15 mins" - Urem, UT
  • Tanya -Stationary Cycling- NYC
  • Lily - walking.
  • Jill - Walked the dog - Toronto
  • Tofodil- 30 min walk plus 20 min yoga
  • Bella - No Data - Ottawa, ON Canada.
  • Lilith - dealing with a family crisis right now - James Bay Region of Northern Quebec.
  • Sheila- "Apart from walking from sofa to fridge to bathroom to sofa, I walked (hobbled) 30 minutes to the Mall for antibiotics, painkillers, drop off for repair the spectacles that got damaged in ER. Judging by the amount of sweat produced, this was a workout of note." -  Cape Town, South Africa 

Day 29: Tuesday, Dec 11th, 2012


  • Mel - "I did my core exercises! still sore from the leg workout! Remind me NEVER to do squats with weights again before I have done them without weights for a week or two! ouch! hehe!" emoticon - Toronto. Ontario, Canada
  • Mallory - Still not feeling well....but she was a good cheer leader.  Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Crystal -15 minutes wal - Regina SK Canada.
  • Goanna -30 minute walk.
  • Lis -25 minutes yoga and 7 min leg shaping workout video- San Carlos, Mexico.
  • K - 50 mins strength training legs & 30 mins treadmill  - Detroit, MI
  • Ishii - "I did Pop Pilates Cardio Melt down for about 20 mins ( its HIIT training so its hard to maintain over a long period)" - Urem, UT
  • Tanya - "35 min abs class that was insane, and insanely good." - NYC
  • Lily - Walking
  • Jill - Walked the dog - Toronto
  • Tofodil- 5km run
  • Bella - No Data - Ottawa, ON Canada.
  • Lilith -dealing with Family Crisis - James Bay Region of Northern Quebec.
  • Sheila -30minute walk today-  Cape Town, South Africa 

Day 30: Dec 12 - We did it!



  • Mel -Dumbbell Chest Press, Alternating Dumbbell Bicep Curls and Seated Dumbbell Triceps Extensions.( see above)  - Toronto. Ontario, Canada
  • Mallory - Still not well, poor thing!- Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Crystal -" I did it. Would have liked a bigger finish but I managed 15 min of walking so I'm ok with that. Most importantly I haven't lost the desire to keep working out. Thanks for starting this challenge." - Regina SK Canada.
  • Goanna -Physio exercises
  • Lis -"These 30 days have flown by and I loved the challenge of exercising every day. The challenge may be over but I'm going to stick to at least 6 days a week, holidays or not. Day 30: 25 mins Yoga (Exalted Warrior Series) and 8 min Upper Body Sculpt (SP New You Bootcamp video)" - San Carlos, Mexico.
  • K - 20 mins walking (2 sessions of 10 mins ea at work - stressful day) & 3 sets of tricep dips. - Detroit, MI
  • Ishii - Canyon Ranch 20 minute ST and cool-down, so that is completed for exercise today. - Urem, UT
  • Tanya - 45 mins at gym split between weights and elliptical - NYC, U.S.A.
  • Lily - 20 minutes so far today (walking), "Congrats to ALL PARTICIPANTS and way to go for those who finished, too!"
  • Jill - Walked the dog - Toronto
  • Tofodil- Day  30 Done !Today I did 20 min yoga plus 30 min walking the dog!
  • Bella - No Data - Ottawa, ON Canada.
  • Lilith -Dealing with family crisis - James Bay Region of Northern Quebec.
  • Sheila -  "Can't believe 30 days flew by so quickly! Walked 1mile round trip to gym - met instructor and a gym buddy so we had breakfast together."  Cape Town, South Africa 
  Here are some final comments from some of the participants:

Lis wrote: This was a great challenge and having to "report in" every day kept me on track and made me want to do extra."

Ishi expressed thanks for helping her get through the season, cold and dark morning and evening times was getting in the way of her runs. She wrote: "I have developed the habit of checking in with you! Now what? I did get up and do Canyon Ranch 20 minute ST and cool-down, so that is completed for exercise today. I don't know if I will have time to get any of my typical walks in except for my nightly dog walk. I haven't been running at all because of the cold dark mornings. I really need to invest in a treadmill or change up my schedule so I can run in safety. I really miss the way I feel after my runs. Thanks for helping me through this part of the holiday season. I guess you are my accountability partner now, haha! "

Tafidol wrote: "Loved this 30-day challenge ~ you are an inspiration ~ great job putting this together & keeping everyone motivated."

Goanna sustained a knee injury half way through the challenge and she concluded with this: " Boy, didn't those 30 days go fast.My knee is improving with the help of my physio and I aim
to be more active over the holidays."

Tanya wrote this:  The 30 Day Challenge..."got me moving, and then moving more
* made me realise that 15 mins is doable and not much time, so can be fit in and therefore, that its totally possible to do it everyday. Not only is it better to do that than nothing, it's also highly likely it'll result in more
* built a habit I plan to continue
* have lost some weight and inches!
* it really helps to have someone holding you accountable in a way." 

So as we approach this holiday season, I hope that you too will find just 15 minutes a day to add some activity and exercise to your day. Your party dress will thank you.

 I will continue with my new habit of exercise EVERY DAY! How about you? 
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