Friday, 1 March 2013

Introductions are necessary!

The 30 Day Challenge ( Part III) is underway! AWAY WE GO!

Let the adventures begin. One of self discovery and also of vicarious travel through our fellow participants! Participants were asked to send in a photo of a landmark in their city.

Here is the list of participants from all over the world
  1. Cheryl, Aurora, Canada
  2. Jan, Pennsdale, PA
  3. Wilma, Brandon, Canada
  4. Elisabeth, San Carlos, Mexico
  5. Heather,Williams Lake, BC.
  6. Sheila, Cape Town, South Africa
  7. Anna, Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia
  8. Crystal, Regina, Canada
  9. Bonnie, Toronto, Canada
  10. June, Dewdney BC 
  11. Betty, from Vancouver Island, BC
  12. Allan, Williams Lake, BC.
  13. Beth, Pittsburgh, PA   
  14. Dena Lewis in Wilsonville, OR.
  15. Ishii, Orem, UT
  16. Nicole,Washington,Seattle
  17. Livia, Auckland, New Zealand
  18. Mallory, Toronto 
  19. Melony Teague, Toronto 
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