Monday, 26 December 2011

Let me introduce you...

As the Turkey left overs sit in the fridge ready to be pulled out for lunch, the cookies however are staring at me, calling my name and I am doing my best to ignore them. You see, I am not waiting for New Year to start my resolutions to "get fit and strong" and implement some sort of training regimen. It starts now, it starts today.

Let me me introduce you to Igor Klibanov, my Body Transformation Specialist and Kinesiologist of Fitness Solutions+. We have teamed up to maximize my fitness in preperation for my trip and we have 8 weeks in which to do it.

Igor Klibanov Body Transformation Specialist, Kinesiologist Ba Spec. Hons., OKA-CK, CSEP-CPT,PTS

Don't let that smile fool you. This guy means business! While part of me wants to run away, I know it is just that silly "fear of failure thing" that comes up and tries to get in the way. I know the next 8 weeks will not be easy, but If I can survive the "before" photos....then the rest is easy right?

While we were discussing my fitness goals for the trip I mentioned that I wanted to work on lower body fitness and stamina. (Can you say Squats!) Perhaps I will be able to kick faster and stronger in the pool when all is said and done. For those who know me and my swimming strengths and weaknesses, kicking is not my forte. I have good upper body strength and flexibility, but my lower body... well...there's no polite way to say it, it sucks! I have always been horrible on the stair master or on the treadmill with any sort of incline. One of my dreams or goals is to do the CN tower stair climb! If I embarked on that today, I would only make it about eight flights....So I think the opportunity to strengthen my lower body is very necessary.

Aside from the physical benefits this program will give me, there are mental benefits too. I will be required to face whatever Igor asks of me with a positive attitude and with enthusiasm. NO complaining! What better preparation for -25 C temperatures and the possibility of eating thinly sliced frozen fish and venison? Mental preparation is a valuable part of training for life and adventure. If you want to know more about that, read "The Flinch" by Julien Smith.
Julien told me that he used athletes in his research for the book.(Okay, it was a tweet) You can download the e-book for free if you follow this link.

Part of the process in embarking on this journey was the lessons I learned and the understanding I achieved after reading "The Flinch".

Okay Igor, let's get started on the Body Transformation!

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