Friday, 30 December 2011

Two for the price of One

Session #4 of my workouts with Igor was tough! I learned that this human body is amazing, and that it is built to adapt and to survive! (to survive Igor's workouts even!)

I went to the workout dreading the hanging knee lifts because last time I did them, on Tuesday, I could only do 5 and then I had to rest. Horrified that I was so bad at them, I hoped not to embarrass myself again and do worse. Guess how many I did today before I had to not 6, not 7, but 10!!!! I was shocked! Yes, I know a good writer is not supposed to use multiple exclamation marks. Can you blame me?  I took a peek at the scale! It's looking good!

The other thing I am getting besides fitness training is Russian lessons.
I learned to say "Thank you " in every time he handed me a 10 pound dumbbell, I said, "Cпасибо".

More interesting facts about my trip tomorrow...

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