Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The New Look of my Morning Coffee...

It is the morning after...
I survived my first work out with Igor, actually that part was easy. Looking at the "before " pictures was the hard part. I had become a master of the art of camouflage.  Denial is a horrible thing. When you are faced with a very honest photo of what you look like from behind in a bikini, you can't rationalise the twenty pound weight gain any more. My dear husband asked if I wanted to print it out and stick it on my fridge to help me in times of severe cravings or weakness of will power. I don't need to do that, the image is burned into my brain!

So with the photos safely downloaded I am moving on with doing something about it~!

I took a photo just before I was about to step into the gym. A historic moment! I love the vibe in a gym. It makes you want to sweat it out and work hard, the energy is contagious.
Olympic Silver Medallist Shelly-Ann Brown was working out at the same time and I exchanged a greeting with her, wow she is in great shape! I tried not to feel intimidated by how awesome I think she is. Let me just say that I have been active, I am a swimmer, but I have not been in a gym for years. When I say I am a swimmer, I swim 90 minute sessions with a swim team in Aurora. I have competed on a National level in Masters Swimming. I competed in Montreal  at the 2011 Canadian Masters Championships.

Yes, I have done a little bit of weights in my basement years ago, but let me tell you there is no way I would have done 15 reps of bicep curls without a fitness trainer standing there, watching every move. Not only that I would not have picked the weights I used. They would have been a few pounds lighter for sure, but with Igor there to make sure my form was good, I did it.

Igor said that I have good co-ordination and form. That is nice to hear. Session 2 is today and as session 2 approaches I am starting to feel some muscles protest. Yes, he warned I would experience some muscle pain.

Nutritional changes are required along with my training regimen.

My morning POT of coffee has been given a new look. (for two weeks at least!)
Check it out!

Coming up tomorrow:

News on preparations for the trip.

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