Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Snow at Last and a not-so-restful "rest day".

I woke up to discover two things this morning. One that it had snowed and I mean snowed overnight and that, two, I have muscles I never knew I had. How do I know? There are SORE!

Yesterday I could feel every step and every time I sat down I would wince. I know the soreness is only temporary and is good punishment for all the times I said to myself, "I really should start weight training again" and did not do it. I know it will not last. I really enjoyed yesterday's workout (well...all except the hanging knee lifts) and feel so good after each workout. I have got all A's on my nutritional compliance and I am surprisingly not missing coffee all that much.

I had some large leaf green tea this morning given to my by a special friend living in Beijing and it tasted so good in my little teapot.

Last night we got snow and today was supposed to be a rest day. Does Shovelling snow count? The kids and I shovelled snow and cleared the cars of their white blankets and then we went sledding. I was out for over an hour and I wasn't cold at all, a good sign. Training for Siberia. (It will only be 10 - 15 degrees C colder!)

The other thing I am not eating is SUGAR! Sugar is my downfall, and for the next two weeks I am avoiding all sugar. It is part of the Nutritional Plan that comes along with my training. Not all training plans Igor devises are this strict, but our plan and training program is aggressive because we only have 8 weeks to get me ready for my trip. So far no cravings yet....

News on the trip front, my flight tickets have been booked and paid for and I am so grateful for people in this world who are able to give, and do so when they see a worthy cause. Too many people are out there looking for what they can "get" and I admire and respect people who are willing to GIVE. My sincere thanks to Eric.

The other thing is that a very dear friend has loaned me her goose down Parka for the trip! I will be warm and toasty, thanks to Diane! She is another one of those people who I admire for her generous and supportive nature.

Tomorrow it is back to working out with Igor. Hopefully I will have some photos to show you of how it is going....

Session 3 with Igor...I'm ready!

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