Sunday, 1 January 2012


Tomorrow morning I start on week 2 of my training with Igor Klibanov. I wonder what he has planned, he said it was something different... Oh boy, I wonder just what I will be doing? More reps? Heavier weights? Different exercises? Maybe HIT...? I will soon find out!

Aside from the anticipation of the week ahead, I look back at the week that has past and what have I achieved?

I learned the following:
  • I could achieve all A's on my Nutritional Compliance. 
  • It is possible to perform 10 knee lifts without needing to rest!
  • I lifted heavier weights than I have ever done before.
  • Weight lifting can take your breathe away... I had to catch my breathe a few times after doing a set of squats!
  • That there are more than 4 ways to do squats and lunges. (who knew?)
  • That I could survive a week without coffee.
  • That I could go a week without sugar.
  • How to say "Thank you " in Russian.
  • I was able to stick to the plan even at a New Year's Celebration. (Well, except for the hidden banana in the curry sauce)
  • That losing weight did not have to involve counting calories and experiencing cravings!
  • I could live without carbs and chocolate for a week!~(this one is huge!)
There are so many more benefits that I could name, but these are the ones that stand out to me.

The look of my meals has changed.

AND.... what has been the best thing so far is that my family are benefiting from the nutritional changes.

One week down, 7 weeks to go....and I started off the New Year one week into the program that is producing results.

How did you start your New Year off?

 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL ... Make it count!

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