Tuesday, 24 January 2012

ALL A's, but no C's; What to do with my box of Clementines?

 Lesson: Don't Peel your Tangerines Before Weigh and Measurement Day
 Does anyone know the difference between Tangerines and Clementine?

I do, only because I asked the guy at the market.
Tangerines have seeds, Clementine don't.
They tend to be very easy to peel, like a tangerine, but are almost always seedless. For this reason they are sometimes known as seedless tangerines.

Thankfully my son likes them, coz I am not going to be eating them any time soon! 

Although I have lost some body fat and lost a few cm's here and there, it is evident from my calliper readings that I cannot tolerate sugar, even low glycemic index berries yet. I say YET, and that is the most frustrating part. I did not cheat at all, even on my anniversary when we went out for dinner, I had steak salad, no carbs, no sugar added.

I am thankful that I have someone like Igor to help me find ways to overcome this challenge. AND this proves what I have said all along, (SUGAR IS NOT MY FRIEND) it is not WHAT I DID OR ATE (...well, except for that occasional daily chocolate bar and bag of chocolate almonds..) that had caused me to put on weight....there is a definite imbalance of nutrients. 

If I can follow a rigorous training program, adhere almost 100 % to a nutrition program and STILL be dealing with "love handles" then clearly I have a problem with carbs and sugar that needs to be solved or I will be fighting a losing battle with my hormones and body chemistry unless that is dealt with.

Igor has advised me on which supplements to include in the next two weeks of my nutritional plan. Hopefully my body will learn to be more tolerant of the berry family of fruit.So although I got all A's on my nutritional compliance chart...no C's...er...Clementine or tangerines ..YET!

One thing that is sure is that I have put on some lean muscle mass and my endurance and strength are advancing. Between sets I require minimal rest, that has to count for something!

I look forward to the next two weeks of intensified training, yes... I kid you not. I LOVE WORKING OUT and working hard! Today I did 4 sets of 85 pound deadlifts baby!

Report after 4 weeks:
By Igor Klibanov
Today we measured Melony's body fat again to see how she is progressing. Over the last 2 weeks, we increased her carbohydrate allowance both in quantity and in quality (higher glycemic load) by adding in the berry family.

We incrementally increase the number of carbohydrates she can eat to determine her carbohydrate tolerance (which is the number of carbohydrates a person can have before starting to put on fat, and a very good predictor of risk of diabetes).

Sure enough, most of her sites decreased, but a couple of them increased, meaning that the extra carbohydrates, even though they're coming from healthy sources, may be slowing things down.

As explained in some of my other writings, the sites where you store your fat are indicative of your hormonal profile. Melony's increase happened in the love handle area, which correlates to insulin. So, from this we know that the extra carbohydrates were a bit of a challenge for Melony's body.

After hearing that explanation, Melony retrospectively said, "I knew sugar has always been a problem for me. When I have a chocolate-covered almond, I can't have just one, it has to be the whole bag."

So the plan of action for the next two weeks is to keep the berries and add in specific nutrients that enhance insulin sensitivity.

This should be a lesson that you can't control fat loss. You can only control the behaviours that can affect fat loss. So focusing on the outcome can be discouraging because you don't have full control over that. But focusing on behaviours is much more important, because you have full control over that. And as far as Melony goes, you couldn't ask for behaviours that are better-suited for fat loss.

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