Thursday, 5 January 2012

Session 3, week 2 - Check.

Today was session 3 of week 2 of my Body Transformation Program with Igor Klibanov of Fitness Solutions+. One thing that I like to hear is the phrase."Igor is happy." I will not reveal how much weight I have lost yet because my weigh and measure day is next week. I have seen good results so far with my exercise program, supplementation and nutritional changes.

I have been as close to sugar and carbohydrate free as you can get and I think my glucose levels in my blood have stabilised. How do I know that, I don't have sugar highs and lows and crave sweet things any more. Also my multivitamin is taking care of the chocolate cravings. Igor told me today that cravings can be a symptom of a nutrient you could be lacking. So taking a Women's Multivitamin covers any of that, especially during weight loss. For instance, women that are lacking in magnesium often crave chocolate at certain times of the month. When they are taking a multivitamin that contains magnesium, those cravings are reduced.

Next week I will feel like a pin cushion. I will possibly have to get my tetanus booster. For more information on the tetanus vaccine click here. In addition to this I will start a course of Rabies vaccines, I have my second Twinrex shot on Jan 23rd and in addition to all this I will be taking Typhoid vaccine, but it is administered orally.

Dr. Angela Lee of VitalChecks: The Preventative Health Clinic gave me the following advice for travel:

"Here are some basic tips before you go so we make sure you come back just as strong:

1. Taking a good quality multi vitamin daily will help with any nutritional deficits while travelling.  
2. Melatonin can help with jet lag and sleep cycle transitions...3-6 mg, 1 hour before bed. 
3. Start a pro-biotic now... so you have a strong gut flora to help with your immunity. 
4. Consider taking Astragalus 500 mg daily as a prevention protocol and immune boost. 
5. Bring an anti-viral/anti-bacterial such as Oil of Oregano... just in case you do get ill.... start taking it as soon as you feel symptoms of a cold or flu... the directions on the bottle is usually adequate."
 Thank you Dr. Angela Lee.

A note to those who are watching what they eat. READ THE LABELS! There are so many things hiding in the ingredients list. Like "Tapioca Dextrin"...that is still a type of starch or carbohydrate. If you can't pronounce it , best not eat it! And Remember, try support local produce as much as you can! after all, good things grow in Ontario.

(Right) Here's a meal idea:
Pepper Squash with Kale chips and Goats' cheese and sun-dried tomato steak.

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