Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Berry Happy!

The Body Transformation plan that Igor has designed for me based on the numerous questionnaires I filled out is three fold:
1. Exercise (What you do).
2. Nutrition (What you eat).
3. and Supplementation.(What you supplement your diet with).

Based on my results my food plan was to eat Protein (not Soy), eggs, nuts, (not peanuts) vegetables, seeds and legumes for the first two weeks. No coffee (and we discussed why in a previous blog). I was allowed goats milk or goat's cheese.

I just have to admit one thing, this morning I really wanted a piece of toast with peanut butter, but...not bad enough to cheat.

This week I introduce two things, with Igor's permission of course. Goat's milk yoghurt and berries. Click here to read about the benefits of berries.

The Exercise part of the program is going well. Well at least I think it is...today I did 3 sets of exercises and the third set was tough.
I got to hear one, "Igor is happy" so I must be doing something right?

As far as the supplementation goes I am still taking my ladies multivitamin and my high potency fish oil. (Omega-3)

Coming soon:

Today was weigh in and measurement day and I will let Igor give you a progress report for that. I think it is safe to assume that IGOR IS HAPPY?

Progress Report after 2 weeks
By Igor Klibanov

Today was Melony's much-anticipated measurement day. Melony is the dream client. Perfect compliance (you tell her that she can cheat 10% of the time, and she replies "I won't cheat at all." And she didn't), shows up on time, consistent with her training, has a supportive family, so we expected to see some significant changes. And sure enough, we got them.

She lost 2 inches from her waist, an inch from her hips, and her body fat skinfolds went down almost everywhere. She also lost 4 pounds of weight. We don't focus on weight all that much, because it doesn't tell the full story, but nonetheless, it can be a helpful guide when used in conjunction with other methods.

Her endurance has also improved tremendously. In the first week, she was huffing and puffing by the end of the first exercise (whoever says that you don't get cardiovascular benefits from resistance training wasn't right). We had 6 exercises to do. Today, she didn't stop until her third set.

All in all, it's looking good. Since we're only training for 8 weeks, it won't be enough time for a 6-pack stomach, but you'll certainly see a leaner, sleeker physique. Before and after pictures will be up at the end of these 8 weeks.

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