Tuesday, 3 January 2012

My spaghetti got a New Look too and I got a High Five from Igor!

Actually, to be honest, all my meals have gotten a "new look" but it was the spaghetti that was the most surprisingly satisfying. My breakfasts now look like this:(left) and to make things easier, I just boil a few eggs at a time and pull them out of the fridge whenever I need one.

For the Spaghetti sauce, I used ground turkey and made a large pot of it. I used "No Salt  added" ingredients and kept a container of it in the fridge for quick reheating. I poured it over salad leaves at lunch time and when the rest of the family were having pasta for dinner, I blanched some julienne broccoli and some sliced carrots and this was my pasta with a new look and a great taste. It was very satisfying. ( see below)

My husband is loving having more vegetables in the house than ever before and because he has seen my dedication in eating well and sticking to the plan, he has cut out sugar too.

 Instead of pasta I had blanched julienne broccoli and sliced carrot.

As far as the workouts are going, today was session 2 of week 2. That meant I was required to do hanging knee raises! Remember those exercises that had me resting and panting after 5 knee raises the first time? Today, I did 15 knee raises without stopping and earned my high five from Igor. Now if that is not proof of progress, then I just don't know what is?

The other thing that was great was that the first time I did bent over rows they were really hard... today not so much.  I also did 20 hammer curls when the plan was to only do 16, but since I was still doing well and keeping my form we did 20. ( well not "we"...but me with Igor counting away)

Now for those of you who know me from the swim team, you will agree that I have a problem with counting. I thought that Igor had been skipping numbers while he was counting and I teased him about it. So he started taking particular care to count correctly, or so I thought. Turns out it was ALL MY FAULT! My brain, it seems, is like a cd or Dvd player and if I have a thought...(yeah it happens) while we are counting... then my brain skips and I think Igor has missed a count when in fact I have stayed on the same count twice!  Oh boy, we chuckled about that. Sorry Igor! You were right (this time at least!).

Igor is one of those guys that knows so much about fitness. If you would also like to get his newsletters go to: Igor's Newsletter  or email him and ask to be included on the email list. Mention that you found the link on my blog. Topics include "Stretching the Truth" and "Unstable Surface Training".

Today was rather chilly in the GTA. The perfect opportunity to test out the warmth of my parka for my trip to Siberia. It was warm and toasty, I have to say. I noticed many people stayed home because it was -17C ... really? I did not find it to be uncomfortably cold. I was out and about all day, no biggie. Good practice for Siberia in Mid-February. I had better learn a few more Russian words.
 I now know how to say : "good/kind morning", "yes" and "no" and "thank you" in Russian. Igor taught me how to count to 5 too, but I was too oxygen deprived to remember it. In return I taught him how to say "thank you " in Afrikaans. I wonder if he will ever have to use that!

Until Thursday,
Stay warm and safe folks.

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