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Challenges are there to overcome - Day 5


As Day 5 draws to a close, I have the final list of participants to share with you and a great sentiment from one of our participants.  When I asked Bonnie, a local participant how she was doing she  reported, "Better than I thought Mel - 4 days with no coffee, alcohol and dairy! Decaffeinated green tea is filling in quite nicely! Just a small manageable headache..." and Sue from Nottingham wrote, "Three days with no sugar. Not using replacement, but do have a sprinkle of cinnamon on an occasional coffee." Now, for a rather impressive list, Elisabeth wrote, "
No sugar, No coffee, No white carbs, No alcohol, No dairy, No wheat, No grains, No soft drinks." And let me tell you, she is feeling much better for it and the weight is coming off, which is an added bonus for her. This challenge is not a weight loss challenge as such, it is a challenge to clean up your diet and in so doing you may encounter some rather desirable side effects, like more energy, better sleep, weight loss or improved digestion.

Nina in Oregon joined the replacement challenge and committed to ditching sugar and flour- the white stuff. She went to a wedding and this was her attitude going into it which I love.She wrote. "I'll find a way to continue the challenge. Obstacles are there to overcome!" What a great attitude to have.

Crystal from Regina, SK, Canada sent in a pic of her Beef Satay Soup which she had on day 4 for lunch.

The Challenge is now closed to any more participants. 
Welcome everyone.

The PARTICIPANTS of the Challenge are as follows:

  1. Kristin - Detroit, U.S.A. She is going to curb: White processed carbs - white sugar/white flour.
  2. Sheila - Cape Town, South Africa. She is going to fight the urge to eat: Hard Cow's Milk cheeses.
  3.  Crystal from Regina, SK, Canada and she is going to start with curbing the coffee habit.
  4.  Elisabeth from San Carlos, Mexico says she is going to cut out white carbs (potatoes and rice) and coffee.
  5. I will be in on it too: Melony Teague will be cutting Sugar, dairy, wheat, alcohol and soft drinks.Two cups of coffee a day, down from about 10 cups.
  6. Anna from Australia is going to be starting with white carbs. 
  7. Karie-Ann from Elmira, Canada wants to give up alcohol, pop and coffee.
  8. Bonnie from Toronto, Canada is going to to cut out alcohol and dairy. She has added coffee to her list.
  9. Betty from Vancouver Island is going to start with sugar, white carbs and alcohol.
  10. Gail in Ottawa, CA - her challenge is as follows: first sugar (then wheat, then dairy)
  11. Cheryl, Toronto, CA - Alcohol and to cut down on coffee and minimize sugar. 
  12. Mallory from Toronto is replacing White Carbs, with a view to cutting back on sugar.
  13. Sue from Nottingham UK is replacing sugar. 
  14. Nina in Oregon: Joining the goal by ditching sugar and flour - the white stuff. 
  15. Glenda from Stouffville, ON, Canada  is going to replace coffee and wheat.
  16. Sue from Toronto, ON, Canada is replacing coffee.
  17. Jan from Pennsdale, PA, U.S.A. is replacing white carbs. 
 To help you out please refer to the replacement guide on this page: CLICK HERE. Please share your participation with your family and friends, this will help keep you accountable. For those who are not participating, please cheer them on! I would love to hear your comments. 
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