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Tip #6 from Igor and your "get out of jail" card

Igor Klibanov is CEO of Fitness Solutions Plus and he has another tip for us.

Tip 6: Cardio is good, but don't do too much of it, and don't do it exclusively. A lot of people run into problems when they start doing cardio more than 3 times per week for 30 minutes, or if that's all they do. The problem: they start to put on body fat. Surprise! To understand why doing excessive and exclusive cardio can make you put on body fat, read this article: Aerobic exercise can make you fat
by Igor klibanov



I am still off coffee! Headaches are diminishing by the day, but by day end there is a dull ache that is rather annoying! Considering at one point I was drinking up to 10 cups of espresso in a day (There I confessed!) it is not surprising that it is taking so long to clear out of my system.

So we made it to day 14! Now what?

I have a surprise for you! This applies to day 14 - day 30 and you can use this ONCE!!!
ONCE ONLY LADIES, if you choose to. It is kinda like a "get out of jail" card. Not that you actually are in jail if you eat something you shouldn't, but sometimes we feel like we are. For those of you taking the challenge seriously (and seeing amazing results, I might add) you will love this!

I realize that once you get to focusing on replacing a few things on the replacement list....you sometimes get something that is dairy and wheat free, but has a little sugar, or it is sugar and grain free, but has dairy, or it has wheat, but no dairy or sugar....you get the idea?
NO STRESS........this "get out of jail " card will help you out there.....


You go to a friend for dinner and they are serving ALL the things on your list you can't eat. What to do? Are you going to stress? No, you are going to make the best choices you can and use your "get out of jail " card.

This is how it works, to use your get out of jail card, you have to do this:

  1. Eat a salad with vinaigrette dressing first.
  2. Eat your protein and vegetables first.
  3. Eat whatever you want....yes WHATEVER......
  4. Abide by the "once my butt leaves the seat the meal is OVER" rule. NO going back for seconds! 
  5. Report back to me.

That is it, then you have used up your one time, EAT WHATEVER, get out of jail card!

How does that sound to you? You may want to save that up for when you are really in a quandary as to what to eat, or you are at the end of the month and the budget is short. You can use it when you are invited out to dinner, or there is a special occasion.

BUT....YOU HAVE TO ABIDE BY THE RULES STIPULATED. (See rules 1 - 5 above in green)

For those of you on the challenge I want you to think about something. Some of you have reported in saying...."I stuck to not eating white carbs, except for eating such and such..." or you "mostly avoided such and such." Now stop and think about that for a moment, did you stick to it, or didn't you? I am not talking about the things you are working on reducing, but the things you have committed to replacing on the challenge. Some of you have eliminated EVERYTHING on the list, and wow, you will know what it is like to eat whole foods, since everything else has those things in it that you can't eat. I know it is not easy.

If there is and "except for" in your thinking I want to encourage you towards avoiding the "almost did it" mentality in the next 14 days. Tighten up your micro amounts of things creeping in JUST for the next 14 days. I have every confidence that you can do it, if you decide to. All it takes is a decision.

I will be doing it too, don't worry, so let's tighten up our standards and it will pay off. You are not alone in this, you have the support of your friends and family and of course, fellow participants.

For the full list of replacement foods on this challenge, click here.  Please note that I have added Sodium to the list, not to replace it, but to be aware of how much you consume and to work towards reducing it if you are having too much.

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