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Tip # 2 From Igor



Closing date for joining is Friday Jan 4th, 2013 (Midnight Today)

Day 4 of our 30 Day Challenge (Part II) brings us to FRIDAY! Am I the only one who is excited to see another weekend? Today I am sharing my Turkey Coconut Curry Recipe.


Tip 2: Want motivation in a pill? Take a high quality multi-vitamin and fish oil. Why does your body get cravings? Because the body intuitively knows that it's missing certain nutrients. So by supplementing with a high quality multi-vitamin and fish oil, you give the body what it needs. I want to emphasize "high-quality", because most products on the market are very poor. One of the worst is centrum. Pick from one of these 4 companies: Metagenics, AOR, Genestra or Thorne. Metagenics is the best I know, but it is not readily accessible. If you want to know what determines supplement quality, read this article.

Thanks to Igor for that tip. I dragged him off to the Vitamin store with me to get my supplements.


Below is the list of replacement items with suggestions as to what you can substitute:
SUGARinstead  of  Cane sugar  try Coconut palm sugar, Stevia, dates and fruit. I would avoid Agave Nectar or other sweeteners at this time. That is just my suggestion. If you have a good reason to use them, then please do your research and make an informed decision. Read more about sweeteners and their risks and more about Stevia here. Wonder if you should consider adding this to your replacement list? Go ahead and  read this.

COFFEE -  To avoid coffee try Herbal teas, Green Tea, Peppermint Tea, Unsweetened hot apple cider. How about drinking your tea in a fancy china cup?
Rose Tea - Photo ©Melony Teague

Green tea is not caffeine free, so please be aware of that, however it is full of other beneficial ingredients.

WHITE CARBS - Instead of white carbs try 100 % stone ground wheat, sprouted grains. Quinoa (Red and White) and Buckwheat. Berries and low Glycemic fruit are not considered CARBS on this Challenge. White carbs are white potatoes, white rice, white bread, white pasta and corn.

ALCOHOL - Instead of alcohol replace your drink with Sparkling water with lime and flavored water. Here are some awesome ideas too. You HAVE To click this link! Seriously. My favorite trick is to pour sparkling water into a fancy crystal glass and it becomes a special occasion. Of a little zing add a slice of lime or lemon or just add a few mint leaves. 
DAIRY-  To stay dairy free substitute with Goat's milk, Almond Milk, Organic Soy Milk (Organic ONLY), Coconut Milk.

WHEAT - Replace with Spelt, Quinoa, Gluten Free Organic Oates. Quinoa and Buckwheat.
  GRAINS - Replace with Sunflower seeds, nuts, pumpkin seeds, Chia seeds, Quinoa and Buckwheat.
  SOFT DRINKS -  Choose Sparkling water or unsweetened juices.
SODIUM (SALT) - I have added this to the list not so that you eliminate it, but you need to watch your sodium intake. You should not consume more than 2,300mg a day. Replace sodium with potassium and spice up your foods with herbs, mustard and spices and try to avoid sodium. The easiest way to do this is to avoid pre-packaged, processed foods.
We now have 13 Participants. Closing date for joining is Friday Jan 4th, 2013. That is today, so last chance!
The PARTICIPANTS of the Challenge are as follows:
  1. Kristin - Detroit, U.S.A. She is going to curb: White processed carbs - white sugar/white flour. She wrote: "[I'm]Staying strong. Rosacea is starting to clear up. Thank goodness! They say food doesn't have anything to do with acne and I beg to differ. Clean eating does wonders for my skin"
  2. Sheila - Cape Town, South Africa. She is going to fight the urge to eat: Hard Cow's Milk cheeses.
  3.  Crystal from Regina, SK, Canada and she is going to start with curbing the coffee habit. She is aiming to stay down to 1 caffeinated cup of tea a day. She wrote: "[I] Am going to try replacing some [soda/pop] with warm water and lemon."
  4.  Elisabeth from San Carlos, Mexico says she is going to cut out white carbs (potatoes and rice) and coffee. Elisabeth tried my Quinoa Vegetable Soup and this is what her comment was: "Your soup was a great success, even my dear husband loved it."
  5. I will be in on it too: Melony Teague will be cutting Sugar, dairy, wheat, alcohol and soft drinks.Two cups of coffee a day, down from about 10 cups.
  6. Anna from Australia is going to be starting with white carbs. 
  7. Karie-Ann from Elmira, Canada wants to give up alcohol, pop and coffee.
  8. Bonnie from Toronto, Canada is going to to cut out alcohol and dairy. Low and behold, without realizing it, she gave up coffee too, because the creamer in coffee is dairy of course. So she has added coffee to her list almost by accident. Well done Bonnie.
  9. Betty from Vancouver Island is going to start with sugar, white carbs and alcohol.
  10. Gail in Ottawa, CA - her challenge is as follows: first sugar (then wheat, then dairy)
  11. Cheryl, Toronto, CA - Alcohol and to cut down on coffee and minimize sugar. 
  12. Mallory from Toronto is replacing White Carbs, with a view to cutting back on sugar.
  13. Sue from Nottingham UK is replacing sugar. 
  14. Nina in Oregon: Joining the goal by ditching sugar and flour - the white stuff. 
  15. Glenda from Stouffville, ON, Canada  is going to replace coffee and wheat.
  16. Sue from Toronto, ON, Canada is replacing coffee.
  17. Jan from Pennsdale, PA, U.S.A. is replacing white carbs.



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    Recipe for 2 people
    1/4 cup onion, chopped
    1 tablespoon Coconut oil 
    1 Carrot- sliced into matchsticks
    1/4 cup mixed nuts or cashews
    1/4 cup white and red Quinoa
    1 small banana, sliced
    1/2 Red  Bell Pepper, chopped.
    1 tablespoon peeled and sliced fresh ginger
    1 tablespoon Butter Chicken Masala  (Add more if you like it that way)
    1 - 2 teaspoons curry powder
    1 teaspoon cumin
    1 teaspoon ground coriander  
    1 can lite coconut milk
    1/2 - 1 cup cooked turkey. (leftovers will do just fine) 
    *You can also add a few cloves of garlic if you like
    I never add salt, but you can do so at the table upon serving.
    1. In a saucepan melt coconut oil and add onion, together with the spices. When the onion is translucent, add peppers, carrots and cook on medium about 10 minutes.
    2. Add Turkey chunks and sliced banana together with the coconut milk.
    3. Once this comes to a simmer, turn down to low and add rinsed red and white Quinoa and water if needed. 
    4. Cook on low about 30 - 40 minutes. ( for best results eat the next day!!!)  
     Do be sure to eat some form of protein at each meal to help keep cravings at bay and control your blood sugar.   Increase your water intake  

    If you don't like plain water, try this. You can do it!  
    Remember it is only for 30 Days!  To subscribe to my consolidated newsletter, Click here  Melony Teague a freelance writer and columnist who lives in Canada with her husband and two young children. Founder of "Secrets of Body Transformation from the Inside Out"  Join me on facebook

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