Tuesday, 23 April 2013

20 Things I have learned

Here are some things that I learned WORKS! They may not work for you but they work for me:

  1. What may be a "healthy food" for you, may not be a "healthy food" for me. We all have different bodies with different chemistry.
  2. Wheat does not agree with me in any shape or form. I avoid it.
  3. Drinking two glasses of water with a slice of lemon first thing in the morning helps me start my day.
  4. Presentation is KEY to enjoying foods. Make your presentation pretty and it will taste better. Make every meal special.
  5. Laughter and good company make food taste even better. Focusing on the company rather than the food however, feeds the soul. 
  6. Drinking coffee instead of making the effort to prepare a snack when I am hungry is counter productive. My body does not thank me for it.
  7. Grocery shopping when I am tired or upset is not a good idea.
  8. Serving your water in a fancy glass with a slice of lemon or lime turns it into a treat.
  9. When you need to talk, get together with your BFF, husbands are not your BFF. They want the bottom line, reader's digest version, BFF's want details, details, details. Don't get the two mixed up! 
  10. Listening is harder than you think, it takes practice.
  11. Friends are treasures that cannot be replaced.
  12. Kids think you are not listening to them when you don't stop what you are doing and look at them. Wives think the same when husbands don't stop and look at them. Making the effort to stop and look is worth it.
  13. Being compassionate to yourself is not a bad idea. It helps you empathize with others.
  14. It is the little things that count and there is no such thing as perfection, unless you are talking about ice cream!
  15. Life and Death are in the power of the tongue...and an encouraging word goes a long way.
  16. Music makes mundane tasks so much more fun
  17. Smoothies are the best thing ever! 
  18. Sometimes doing what you love and loving what you do needs to be defended, but it is worth fighting for. You never know what adventures lie just around the corner.
  19. Stepping back and looking at the big picture helps me to cope. I tend to get emotionally involved in what I do.
  20. I love blogging.
Make your own list !
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