Wednesday, 3 April 2013

April Challenge Nutritional Commitment

Nutritional commitment for this 30 Day Challenge! 

Participant List:
  1.  Storme from Farmington, New Mexico. "I have chosen soda to give up"
  2. Nicole from Seattle, Washington. "I'm planning to stick with replacing sugar and white carbs for this challenge."
  3. Elisabeth from San Carlos, Mexico. "Limit to 1 cup of coffee a day...I plan to eliminate wheat, maintain my goal weight and expand on exercise."
  4. Anna, Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. "I'm sticking with eliminating white carbs and sugar again... Also, I want to stay on the no carbs, no coffee again and will also make sure to have no junk food this month."
  5.  June, Dewdney BC "Replacing Sugar, alcohol, soft drinks and coffee are my default replacement foods.My habit to improve is portions eaten at meals. I mostly eat nutritious food, but too much. I will be having 3 meals and 2 snacks per day."
  6.  Sheila, Cape Town, South Africa,"I'm going to take stricter control over my carbs, sodium and added sugar; absolutely no processed foods - boxed stuff, I mean."
  7. Anna Marie from Philadelphia."My goal for the challenge:

    1. Exercise 5 days a week; 2 days to include strength training; 2 days to include yoga; all days need to include 30 minutes cardio. 2. Continue to follow the plan with the end result being a 10 lb loss in April. "
  8.  Betty, from Vancouver Island, B. "I’m going to stick with the white carbs, sugar, dairy and also haven’t been eating bread so will stick with that. Also going to cut back on the caffeine but not eliminate it."
  9.  Trish from Brea: "My default replacements: alcohol and soda, both if which I have minimally now. But my main replacement will be sugar. "
  10.  Nina from Oregon."I'm ready to eliminate Sugar (including white carbs/grains) and Dairy."
  11.  Crystal, Regina. "
    Coffee/black tea - since I'm not a big coffee drinker anyway, I'm going to say black caffeinated tea - specifically my Earl Grey with double bergamot.  During the last challenge my intake dramatically went up along with my herbal teas, but I'd like to keep it more herbal and water than black tea, if for no other reason than the staining of my teeth!
    White Carbs - I'm going to stick with getting even better at getting white carbs out of my diet. To form the habit of having breakfast."
  12. Wilma from Manitoba. "I will be replacing soda with water and dairy with almond milk." 
  13. Melony from Toronto (that's me!) - Replacing grains, replacing white carbs, having minimal sugar, limit coffee to 3 cups a day.

    Signed up April 1st:
    Beth, Pittsburgh, PA.  She is replacing white carbs
For those who are replacing wheat and sugar, here is a recipe for sun-butter chocolate chip cookies you may want to look at, CLICK HERE. (Courtesy of Hannah's Healthy Heaven)

If you are replacing pop, or soda, you might want to check out these helpful hints.

Crystal has come a long way in conquering the soda addiction and she says,

"The two things I have found helpful is keeping my favorite product out of the house and when I really want some I allow myself as much sparkling water as I want. I also try to grab something with protein and a little salt. Seems to make me want water more. "

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