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Staying Healthy not Complicated

 Staying Healthy the Simple way

On April 2, 2013 I posted an excerpt from Igor Klibanov's book, Unlimited Progress: How You Can Unlock Your Body's Potential

Our first assignment on this 30 Day Challenge was to compare the list to what you are already doing and to pick one thing you want to work on for the 30 days. CLICK HERE to read the post on Healthy Diet Habits
Each participant chose one thing on the list to focus on for the next 30 Days. Best advice is to make a few sticky notes and stick them in the kitchen, on the dashboard of your car, on your mirror, you get the idea!
Here is what the participants had to say:

  1. Storme from Farmington, New Mexico. "I am going to be pick trying to eat breakfast everyday… during breakfast hours"
  2. Nicole from Seattle, Washington."For April's 30-Day Challenge, I'm going to adhere to adding more servings of veggies and I'm going to try not to eat w/in 4 hrs of bedtime. My schedule is so weird, that may be really tricky, but I'm going to try."
  3. Elisabeth from San Carlos, Mexico
  4. Anna, Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. "I will also try to have 1-2 servings of protein with every meal."
  5.  June, Dewdney BC. "You eat 5-6 meals per day - This will be mine -- plus I want to track my food this month starting today."
  6.  Sheila, Cape Town, South Africa,"I want to increase quantity of Protein I eat. "
  7. Anna Marie from Philadelphia."You drink only 0-calorie drinks I use 1/2 tsp of honey in my tea in the morning.  I Will discontinue this.
     You have 2-3 servings of vegetables with each meal. I Do for lunch and dinner. I Will do for breakfast.
     You know which foods you are sensitive to - will continue to test on the Plan. You avoid the foods to which you are sensitive - as I discover them on the Plan
    . No sugar!"
  8.  Betty, from Vancouver Island, BC
  9.  Trish from Brea, CA said, "I already have 5-6 meals per day and eat a hearty breakfast. I plan to try to include 2 vegetables in every meal. I do this for some meals but not all. Thanks for some great info!!
  10.  Nina from Oregon."For now I'm adding 30 min or more of exercise/activity every day.
  11.  Crystal, Regina. "I am picking "to eat breakfast every day". Protein will be the nutritional factor in breakfast. I'm going to work towards making it at least close to the biggest meal of the day by the end of the 30 days."
  12. Wilma from Manitoba. "I choose to have drinks with 0 calories."
  13. Beth, Pittsburgh, PA. " The new habit I would like is to make it to the gym 2 times a week."
  14. Melony from Toronto.(That's me!) As for me I need to make sure I have a decent breakfast. 

It could be as easy as clearing out your vegetable drawer in your fridge! The photo at the top of the page shows the salad I tossed together which consisted of Romain Lettuce (Cos Lettuce) with avocado, balsamic vinegar and raw unsalted cashew nuts an a bed of sliced ham. Participant Sheila, from South Africa was clearing out hers and this is the delicious salad she threw together: Lettuce, cos lettuce, watercress, basil leaves, mini corn, sugar snap peas, cucumber, mini rosa tomatoes, radish, red pepper, beetroot shredded, spring onion (scallions) Pomegranate & pomegranate juice, figs, and ham.

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