Monday, 1 April 2013

April 2013 30 Day Challenge Participant List

I was asked to continue the 30 Day Challenge into April and so on April fool's day, joking aside we embark on our new 30 Day Challenge IV.  The Challenge consists of a nutritional challenge and one other change, you get to pick what. For instance, if you want to break a bad habit or introduce a good habit, this challenge is for you. The challenge will provide suggestions on how to overcome and as in all the other changes, perfection is not the goal, but being intentional. A 30 Day focus can eradicate a bad habit and set another in place!  

Check with your physician or health care provider that you are clear to participate. I am not a doctor or a health care professional and advice on this site is not meant to take the place of your health provider or doctor's advice. Check with your doctor if you have pre-existing medical conditions that might be affected by your nutritional commitment. 

I would like to welcome all the participants and introduce them to you! Tomorrow I will post the nutritional commitment of each participant. Every body is different and we all have very individualized goals! I am very excited to let you know that we will continue to have our 3 Piece Snack segments and in addition to that, this time I am honored to introduce to you author, Allison Jorgens who will be helping us make the best decisions in the grocery store.


  1. Storme from Farmington, New Mexico
  2. Nicole from Seattle, Washington.
  3. Elisabeth from San Carlos, Mexico
  4. Anna, Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia
  5.  June, Dewdney BC
  6.  Sheila, Cape Town, South Africa,
  7. AnnaMarie from Philadelphia.
  8.  Betty, from Vancouver Island, BC
  9.  Trish from Brea
  10.  Nina from Oregon.
  11.  Crystal, Regina
  12. Wilma from Manitoba
  13. Beth, Pittsburgh, PA.
  14. Melony from Toronto.(That's me!) 
Day one is weigh and measure day! 

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