Tuesday, 20 November 2012

30 Day Challenge - What's going on?

 The 30 Day Challenge continues as we close our first week of the challenge.

 Not bad that it is day 7 and it took this long for someone to owe me one!  Hey, it happens, just get back up and go at it again! No giving up, right girls?

In one part of the world a participant in the 30 Day Challenge goes for a walk and sees snow, in  another hemisphere, another participant sees the view of Devil's Peak in the Cape at the tip of the African Continent. While everyone is enjoying the challenge and is doing more than they would have otherwise, it seems that day 6 was not easy for most of us. After a busy week some of us were worn out, I got two coffee's that day. Day 7 marks a new week and we are all revived and ready to go. One participant has a knee injury, one has gotten a chest infection and another has twisted her leg. We will cheer them on, encourage them and hope that they will join us again soon after a few days rest. All is not lost, they did 6 days more than they would have otherwise. 


Day 6 ( Sunday Nov 18th, 2012)

  1. Mel -I did some planks, crunches, push ups and stretching....about 18 minutes! Busy day today and if Christmas shopping counted as exercise, It would have been 1 hour 18 minutes! - Toronto. Ontario, Canada
  2. Mallory - 15 minutes bootcamp - wheezing! - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  3. Crystal - Had to really convince myself. 15 walking. 15 Nordic track. - Regina SK Canada.
  4. Goanna - 80 minutes at a yoga mini retreat and 30 minutes - some of it uphill.
  5. Lis - 25 minute yoga (Dancing Sun sequence) and 5 minute SP Abs on a Ball video -  San Carlos, Mexico.
  6. K -45 min strength training legs - 15 min barre work - 15 min of sprints - Detroit- Detroit, MI (See photo above)
  7. Ishii - 15 min dog walk. Trying to rest my knee. I hyper-extended it yesterday and its my active rest day.
  8. Tanya -Was feeling pooped after a busy weekend, so only 15 mins of Yoga which would have been 0 if not for this challenge! - NYC
  9. Lily - Short hike (about 15 minutes in Ozarks. So it's all steep hills either going Dow or up!),
    10 (each side) kettlebell dead lifts; 10 kb around the world each way (hip); 10 kb around the world each way (knee/ squat height). Then my 22 minute Pilates Reformer workout that's intense (VERY similar to cable machines, using anywhere from 16lb to 44lb per exercise)
  10. Jill - Walking the dog and the husband -Toronto
  11. Tofodil30 min jogging with my dog.
  12. Bella - - Ottawa, ON Canada.
  13. Lilith - 35 minutes dance workout.
  14. Sheila  -Neighborhood walk - 28C - Started out late so it was a sweaty one - 5.7kms /3.56miles followed by gardening too for about an hour - grabbed some plants from a neighbour and replanted immediately and then hit the shower! - Cape Town, South Africa


Day 7 ( Monday Nov 19th, 2012)

  1. Mel -2.5 miles, 40 minutes on the treadmill (4.03km) - Toronto. Ontario, Canada
  2. Mallory - A walk to the walk-in clinic for viral chest infection - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  3. Crystal - 15 minutes of dancing this morning. I'm really having fun. 20 min. Nordic track.- Regina SK Canada.
  4. Goanna - I think I twisted my knee, Sorry Team I overdid it today.
  5. Lis -  25 mins yoga (Half Moon sequence) and 2 short SP videos: lunges and back extension with a ball (total maybe 6 minutes?) I love my stability ball! -  San Carlos, Mexico.
  6. K -20 minutes treadmill - Detroit- Detroit, MI
  7. Ishii - 30 mins of Bob Harpers Biggest Loser workout this morning and then my 135 min walks and my 90 min walk later!
  8. Tanya -20 mins of spot training. Didn't think I'd get anything done, but snuck that in- NYC
  9. Lily - 36 minutes of weights
  10. Jill - Coffee owed -Toronto
  11. TofodilDay 50 Energize Yoga = 15 min
      Insanity = 20 min
      Lunch walk = 30 min
      Cathe's Upper Body Pyramid = 60 min
      1 mile = goal to beat 12 min 30 sec
  12. Bella -.TBA - Ottawa, ON Canada.
  13. Lilith - 20 min dancing and a 40 minute walk.
  14. Sheila  -60minutes Body Worx - Cardio and ST combo - Cape Town, South Africa   
One thing is for sure, everyone is being intentional about getting their extra time in! THAT is awesome!

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