Thursday, 15 November 2012

Day 2 of the 30 Day Challenge and WELCOME to the Stragglers.

30 Day Challenge is Underway!- And no Coffee for me yet.

This challenge has turned out to be just the thing that was needed by more than just me and my co-worker. The more people hear about it, the more they jump on board. I am thrilled and am so glad that it has been the motivation needed to get out of that rut of doing the same old thing all the time. If you are thinking about joining, it is not too late, you can join up until Friday 16th, 2012. Please feel free to share your progress on Facebook or twitter, you can do so by sharing this page. ( See the buttons at the bottom of the post) And please DO comment! Cheer the participants on! They would love to have some cheerleaders. I for one am proud of each of them!

DAY 2 is completed. We have a few more that have joined.

  1. Mel - 2.03 miles on Treadmill - Run (30 minutes) - Toronto. Ontario, Canada
  2. Mallory - 20 minutes of "Booty" Workout. - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  3. Crystal - 30 minutes of Nordic track and Dance practise - Regina SK Canada.
  4. Goanna - 1hour Circuit and in the evening did a 1 hour Pilate's class.
  5. Lis -25 minute Yoga session (Exalted Warrior Series) -  San Carlos, Mexico.
  6. K -Treadmill- Detroit, MI
  7. Ishii - 30 min of Jillian's 6 week Six-Pack
  8. Tanya -Lazy day Workout   -  NYC
  9. Lily - Kettle bell workout
  10. Jill - Walked the dog -Toronto- New Participant.
  11. Tofodil - New Participant.
  12. Bella - 30 minute walk -  New Participant
  13.  Add your name! 
Notice how different the work outs are and you will notice another thing. No one stayed within the 15 minute minimum. Why is that? Well, if you think to yourself, "Ugh I have to do a whole hour!" - you probably will not start. When you are thinking, "Only 15 minutes, I can do that...." and then you get going and before you know it 40, 50 or 60 minutes have passed.
If you want to read more about Kettle bells, here is an article in the Globe and Mail.  Who knew that the kettle bells seem to originate from Russia.

Some reminders when you work out:
  • Stay hydrated. Don't wait until AFTER you workout to drink your water. Start before you workout. Water is the best option by far. Stay away from sugary "energy drinks" that are full of sugar and caffeine.
  • Safety first - make sure you have all the equipment you need to exercise safely and without injury. Rather stop if you can't finish a rep, than do it in bad form. Keep good form ALWAYS!
  • Write your workout down. This is a great way to measure your progress and to motivate you. You will see how far you have come and have a better idea of where you are headed.
  •  Make it fun! 
  • Don't be afraid to try something different.
Here are some photos provided by the participants for DAY 2!~Evidence!

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