Sunday, 4 November 2012

Top 25 Health and Wellness blog Award.

 As part of the Top 25 Health and Wellness Moms 2012 blog competition each participant in the top 25 spots was asked to answer some questions.
Here (below) are the answers to the questions that were posed to me. Thank you again to all those who voted for me.

If you click on the "Read More" below you can read my answer. Click here if you like my answer!  (You will see a vote+ sign on the right next to my answer! To add your vote, click the "up arrow") Please do not feel you have to sign up and join the Circle of mom's site. That is entirely up to you!

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Melony Teague a freelance writer and columnist who lives in Canada with her husband and two young children. Founder of "Secrets of Body Transformation from the Inside Out" 
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