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Contrasting Activity

 For those of you who are landing on this page and are wondering what exactly is going on. "Where are the photos of the food and the recipe's" you ask? Click here for the background story to how this 30 Day Challenge, currently on Day 4 came about. Day 4 was a Friday and what a great way to end the workweek. I will be crossing fingers that you still get your 15 minutes in this weekend!

My Swimming day included 90 minutes of swimming (3.25km) and was the perfect way to end off my week. The water felt great, event though I had to scrape ice off my car to drive to the pool. While I was swimming, another participant far away in Regina, Canada was walking in the snow. What a contrast in activity and yet we felt like we were together somehow. Each participant has done a different workout and the variety is astounding. Everyone is at a different level in their journey towards a healthier life and seeing each one take up the challenge and take the next step

Sent by Crystal, Regina, Canada

Day 4 ( Friday Nov 16th, 2012)
  1. Mel -3.25 km Swimming Training - Toronto. Ontario, Canada
  2. Mallory - Run - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  3. Crystal -20 min dance, 20 min walk in the snow and 10 min Nordic track setting 4 - Regina SK Canada.
  4. Goanna - 80 minute brisk walk.
  5. Lis - 25 minute Yoga Session (Firebird) and 10 minute Beginner's Pilates Workout -  San Carlos, Mexico.
  6. K -35 minutes Strength Training - Shoulders & Abs - Detroit- Detroit, MI
  7. Ishii - 30 min Walk.
  8. Tanya -20 min of Resistance Training - NYC
  9. Lily -YAYOG legs workout (mostly)
  10. Jill - Walking the dog and the husband -Toronto
  11. Tofodil-  Energize Yoga for 20 min and walked the dog for 30 min
  12. Bella -10,006 steps!! (forgot to take a pic of it) - Walk at lunch and Walk after work. - Ottawa, ON Canada.
  13. Lilith -  New Participant
  14. Sheila  - Day 1 - 60 mins Aqua Aerobics with Resistance and 60 mins Garden Work
    Day 2 - 60 mins each Aqua Aerobics with Resistance and BodyWorx - Studio
    Day 3 - Walk 5.02 kms / 3.12 miles
    Day 4 - 60 mins each Aqua Aerobics with Resistance Noodles and BodyWorx - Studio
    - Cape Town South Africa - New Participant. 

Sent in by Tanya in NYC, USA - This is "the" Park - Central Park.

Day 5 ( Sat. Nov 17th, 2012)

Sent by Crystal, Regina, Canada.
  1. Mel - 3.22 Km Treadmill Run ( 35 minutes) 2 miles - Toronto. Ontario, Canada
  2. Mallory - 20 mins of kickboxing this morning then held plank for a minute. Yowza!! Feel good!- Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  3. Crystal - Danced, Nordic track and walked in the snow - She said, "I did it - all 3!"- Regina SK Canada.
  4. Goanna - Went Greek dancing in the evening. At least 90 minutes.Walked for an hour during the day.
  5. Lis - Day 5: 25 minute Yoga (Sunbird) and 8 minute Arm toning workout (SP New You Bootcamp) Lis said, "Feeling great - it nice to stay motivated, even if only by not wanting buy you all coffee." -  San Carlos, Mexico.
  6. K - 45 minutes Strength Training/chest & triceps & 30 minutes/3.5 mph/10% incline Treadmill  - Detroit- Detroit, MI  K said, "I am having fun with this challenge!"
  7. Ishii - 3 mile run and a quick dog walk of about 20 min. She said, "How am I feeling? I was feeling really great. Sometimes I am not motivated to workout on Saturday, but even though it was raining, I gave it a shot."
  8. Tanya -Brisk 20 min walk in *the* park -  NYC
  9. Lily - Rest and recovery day. ( Illness) 
  10. Jill - Walking the dog -Toronto
  11. TofodilPeak 10 Cardio Strength,  60 min
  12. Bella -Took the dog to the dog park and got lost!! (and forgot to take a pic again!) 40 minutes - Ottawa, ON Canada
  13. Lilith -  Dance 25 min, Walking: 30 min. From Chibougamou Quebec.
  14. Sheila  - 60mins each FuseBall and Box-ercise - both hi cardio- Cape Town South Africa

Now we are on to day 6 and I have some more photos to post and these are coming in from all over the world. It gives us a sense of togetherness that somewhere in the world someone is exercising with us because of the same challenge and the same purpose to be more intentional with physical activity in order to live a healthier life.

Thanks Mallory for agreeing to do this with me and the girls! Keep going!
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