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Overcoming Challenges within Challenges

30 Day Challenge

New Rule: You are allowed ONE rest day. Use it wisely! 

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Day 8 & 9

Day 8 Regina, Canada

Day 8 - Tuesday November 20,2012

  1. Mel - Upper body and core Strength Training Toronto. Ontario, Canada
  2. Mallory - Viral chest infection - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  3. Crystal - 25 dance; 15 Nordic track. Didn't note how long I was walking. - Regina SK Canada.
  4. Goanna - Twisted my knee - she has a degenerative tear posterior horn meial meniscus extending to the articular surdace. Sounds scary!
  5. Lis - 25 minutes yoga (Earth series) and 10 min Abs Blaster SP New You Bootcamp video   -  San Carlos, Mexico.
  6. K -30 minutes treadmill- Detroit- Detroit, MI
  7. Ishii -35 mins of Jillian Michaels Power Yoga. 1 hr intermittent walks throughout the day as well! -Orem, UT
  8. Tanya -"Right this moment I am having an energetic dance party of 1 while making Thanksgiving food. It will be more than 15 mins" - NYC
  9. Lily -Russian Twist: 96 reps and Scissors with Hold (Beach Scissors):96 reps; High Knees:
    96 reps and then did some walking.
  10. Jill -Walked for 40 minutes this time!-Toronto
  11. Tofodil-  Cathe's Upper Body Workout
  12. Bella - Rest Day - Ottawa, ON Canada.
  13. Lilith - 25 minutes of dance aerobics  -Chibougamau, in the James Bay Region of Northern Quebec.
  14. Sheila  -60 Minutes Aqua Aerobics with resistance noodles and dumbbells. FitBolt odds - App downloaded onto computer reminds me every 30minutes to step away and do something - exercise or stretch - it all adds up! - Cape Town, South Africa   

Some of our 30 Day Challenge participants are having some challenges within the challenge. How to overcome them?

  • Adapt and re-evaluate - If you get sick or sustain an injury you have to adapt and re-evaluate. Adapt your physical activity. When I sustained a shoulder injury in 2009, I spent the year doing kicking in the pool and did not use my arms much at all, I had to adapt. Anyone who knows me in the pool knows how much I detest kicking. I'm not very good at it, but backstroke on the other hand is closer to being my forte.
  • Be realistic - Remember it is all about cultivating a mindset of intentionally introducing activity to your life. If you are burning yourself out, you clearly need more rest and more intentional, focused activity. If you are more active than you used to be, you are making progress, but keep it balanced. Rest is just as crucial to help your muscles recover and your body to adapt.
  • Fuel your body right. Make sure you are getting the protein you need to sustain your added activity. Stay hydrated and do so throughout the day, not just in the hour after your workout.
  • Get up and go, if you missed a day, no biggie, that does not mean you are a failure, it means you missed one day. Don't give up, just get up and go at it again! Watch those fitness minutes accumulate again and be encouraged! We are all in it together.
  • Try something new - now I am not suggesting you do something dangerous or potentially risky but how about adding something different to your workout routine. You know, get out of your comfort zone? I know that for myself I would rather just get on the treadmill and run, without having to think, than start a new regime of something that might take a little bit of mental energy to master. I have had to overcome that mindset and try new things. I even tried rock climbing once, even thought I am afraid of heights! 
  • Write down your progress and keep track of it. It will motivate you and you will want to reach higher, go further and run faster. (or even lift heavier weights.) 
Have fun! Make it fun! Decide to have fun, doing something begrudgingly is counter productive. 

Some of the participants are heading toward a weekend filled with family and food. Thanksgiving in U.S.A. is this weekend and I wish all the participants and their families a Happy Thanksgiving.

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    Day 9 (Wednesday, Nov 21, 2012)

    1. Mel - Core strengthening workout (See below)- Toronto. Ontario, Canada
    2. Mallory - Viral chest infection - Drinking lots of hot tea - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    3. Crystal - 35 min dancing - Regina SK Canada.
    4. Goanna - Twisted knee
    5. Lis -25 min yoga (reverse planks) and 8 min upper body sculpting (SP New You Bootcamp) -  San Carlos, Mexico.
    6. K -30 mins Amy Dixon's Breathless Body DVD- Detroit- Detroit, MI
    7. Ishii - 27 mins of Extend Barre workout and a walk- Orem, UT
    8. Tanya - 15 minutes Abs workout - NYC
    9. Lily -Body Weight Lunge:
      total 70 reps; Let Me Ins:56 reps in total; Incline Push-Up: 42 reps in total and

    10. Jill -Walked  -Toronto
    11. Tofodil- 5 km run!
    12. Bella - 3 miles with Leslie Sansone (48mins) - Ottawa, ON Canada.
    13. Lilith - 40 minutes walking and 15 minutes of aerobic exercise. -Chibougamau, in the James Bay Region of Northern Quebec.
    14. Sheila   -60minutes Aqua Aerobics - we got new Aquatic Hand Weights as well as Noodles; 60minute BodyWorx - no weights today - used Body Weight - cardio and ST
      30minutes Walking - to recycle bins-
      Cape Town, South Africa  

       Day 9 : This is what I did: 
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