Tuesday, 13 November 2012

30 Day Challenge - Who is in?

I have found the transition into fall a little challenging this year. The urge to hibernate on rainy cold damp days is overwhelming sometimes. I have lost some of the momentum that I had in the summer where I ran three times a week. I know from experience that all it takes is a little motivation and a LOT of blackmail and then I am back rolling along as I did before. A co-worker posted on her facebook page that she was battling to fit her daily exercise in and was feeling "blah" and wanted a change. Now any trainer will tell you that having a fitness partner and someone to be accountable to, is something that really works when it comes to sticking with a program. Knowing that we would have a better chance of success if we tackled this problem together, I issued her a challenge...( it was her idea to do it for 30 days) and so we made an agreement (pinky swear) and shook hands on it.

Here's the deal, if one of us does not do their 15 minute minimum a day, they have to buy the other person a coffee. Since we are both broke at the moment and can't afford to do so every day, it is a form of blackmail and it will work. Of course there is friendly competition and pride involved. Who wants to be the loser, right?

Yesterday was day one so I thought that I would extend the challenge to my readers. All you have to do is do 15 minutes a day (you will probably end up doing more!) and comment on the blog to report back. This gives you accountability and just think, by November 13 you will have racked up a minimum of 450 extra minutes of exercise. That is 7 1/2 hours! It is not hard to do and anyone can find an extra 15 - 20 minutes a day. We will be cheering you on!


Comment below or email me to add your name to the challenge! 
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  1. OK...I'm in!
    Blessed be!

    39 DAYS & COUNTING for lift-off to 3-month journey in South America.


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