Wednesday, 14 November 2012

MALL & MEL 30 Day Challenge - Day 1

Yesterday was day #1 of our 30 Day Challenge and I have sore abs to prove it!  I am so excited about the people who have jumped on board and have taken up the 30 Day Challenge with us. Read about how it all came about here.


  1. Minimum of 15 minutes intentional exercise a day (Warm up and cool down not included)
  2. Whom ever does not do it, buys coffee!
You can still do #2 if you live far away, ever heard of Starbucks gift cards? hehe!

I am excited to share with you the list of people joining Mallory and I. One of them lives in New York City. There is one from Santa Barbara too, another is in Mexico...and they are spread all over the globe, all participating and excited to go. I will be detailing our successes on this blog, and the challenge ends Dec 13th, 2012.

Posted will be pics from participants around the world and what they did so that we can get ideas from each other and hey, who knows, you may try something you have never tried before?

  1. Mel - Strength exercises - Toronto. Ontario, Canada
  2. Mallory - Restorative Yoga and 15 min boot camp - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  3. Crystal - 15 minutes Nordic Track on setting 4 - Regina SK Canada.
  4. Goanna - 1 Hour Circuit Training
  5. Lis - 25 minutes Yoga -  San Carlos, Mexico.
  6. K -45 min Lower body ST and 35 Min Brazil Butt Lift DVD - Detroit, MI
  7. Ishii - 34 Min Run
  8. Tanya - Walking -  NYC
  9. Lily - Pilates
  10. ....Will you add your name here? Email me if you want to join in. (Click here)


 Mallory did YOGA! 
Mallory wrote, "Feeling proud I got off my lazy ass for day one! Only made it through 15 mins of my booty camp cardio DVD (screw burpees unnnngh) cuz I felt like barfing, but I breezed thru 30 mins of restorative yoga."
My Strength Training Workout:
 I know that the planks are what did me in, my abs are reminding me about them every time I move. I guess my core needs some work. Post workout Power pudding sounds good to is the recipe.
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  1. K in Detroit says GO TEAM! We've got this!!!
    Thanks for the recipe. May give it a go this weekend. Sounds yummy:)

  2. Thank you K for sending the pics!


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