Sunday, 31 March 2013

Results and Feedback from the March 30 Day Challenge!

How did the 30 Day Challenge go for March 2013? Hear it from the participants themselves.

Betty, from Vancouver Island, BC is replaced sugar, white carbs, soft drinks and most dairy. 
Betty wrote,
"...I still have the weight and inches off from the January challenge so that helps. I didn’t lose any weight in March unfortunately, these last few days have been a killer with good friends visiting that we haven’t seen for a while. I did lose 1.5 inches though. I think I will sign up for April so please add me to your list."
Nicole,Washington,Seattle is replaced white carbs and sugar.
Nicole wrote,
"I've been doing great with eating - no emotional binges, lots of meditating, and lots of good, positive, forward thought. I am down 7 lbs, but I don't know how many inches I've shrunk because I can't find my measuring tape anywhere...darn it! Regardless, I am beyond thrilled with these results and so incredibly encouraged for our next challenge. I never felt deprived during this challenge. The lack of sugar allowed my energy to equalize, which I believe help me make better choices. I loved the accountability and looked forward to checking in with you all each day. Plus, I was a super slacker on the exercise front this month, often doing only the bare minimum, so guess what that means for April? Once I up the ante on exercise, I'm really gonna rock it! Looking forward to an April of activity!"
Anna, Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia - is replacing Coffee and  White carbs, mainly sugar and white flour. 
 Anna wrote,
"I know I have lost around my waist and arms.`My weight is
now 81.7, so that is a loss of 2.6 kilograms (5.72 lbs)"
Elisabeth, San Carlos, Mexico replaced wheat. 
Elisabeth wrote,
"My results for the challenge: lost 2.7 pounds and 4" overall and I am so close to goal. Looking forward to the April challenge!"
Janice wrote,
"While I did not conquer all my goals, I did manage to continue my success of no soda. I did manage while not to eliminate all the white, I cut the white carbs at least in half.

I tried coconut palm sugar and it is OK- but I still fall back to Equal. I know it is not the best, but I really dislike Stevia. I like Truvia, but it is kind pricey compared to others.

I did get a little lacks at the end of the month, but I am holding my own. Thanks Mel for all you do." 
Ishii cut back on caffeine,and cut out most grains and decided to give up bread.She also tried to cut out sugar.
Ishii wrote,
"My pants are looser... The biggest thing for me was just cutting out bread. I have to have some sort of grain but cutting out the bread was a good thing I think. I also cut way back on the caffeine, which was also good, and the sugar consumption."
June, Dewdney BC is replaced sugar, white carbs and wheat.
June wrote,
"My biggest success was getting back into 3x per week ST groove." Weight loss was 2 pounds.
Crystal, Regina, Canada, is replaced white carbs and soda 
Crystal wrote,

"Well, the March 30 day Challenge has come to a close. This was a great challenge. I lost only 1 lb on the challenge, which sort of surprised me considering the amount of sugar that was not going into my body and the amount of white carbs not going into my body. I know I know I cheated here and there but the amount of garbage going in was seriously curtailed." ... "I seriously thought about what I wanted out of this challenge and I realized that my truest goal was to break my cola addiction cycle. Most importantly I hoped I'd gain control with out having to never have it again. I am pleased to report that this has been a success. I tested myself a few times on the challenge and I never had that craving like I usually do where if I have one, I want more. I can finally say that water and tea has become my beverages of choice. Yes, I prefer carbonated water, but I'm drinking plain carbonated water with lemon - no sugar, no aspartame, no artificial flavors. For me this is really huge. I feel in control. While my weight didn't go down, I felt much more energetic, the bloated feeling was gone. I have made the commitment to not have my "old favorites" readily available in the house to ensure I'm not overly tempted either. And, the carbonated water says each bottle has 2% of my daily calcium requirement." 

Beth wrote,
"I lost 7lbs in March and a total of 5 inches (counting up from all measurements)."

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