Monday, 4 March 2013

3-Piece Snack tip # 2 from Matt Nelson

30 Day Challenge (Part III) March, 2013

Tip # 2

Extra, extra! You are in for a treat! 

This 30 Day Challenge for life and adventures includes some tips put together by TOBT's Anthony. As a Physiologist and through Achieva Fitness & Wellness Inc., Anthony Pereira attempts to continuously bring/share empowering messages of betterment to all. Train or be Trained (TOBT) is just another way. We at TOBT feel that in order to properly train, we must be strong in 3 aspects- that is why we give tips 3-fold, or better yet- a 3-Piece Snack!!

TIP #2

Matt Nelson

- adding banana peppers for some wonderful kick & vitamins
- easy exercise to help improve that balance (got a couch cushion?)
-being more realistic in your goals

by Matt Nelson

for more on these tips, please watch this short video

I love Matthew's last tip about keeping your goals realistic. I was somebody who over trained for years out of a feeling of obligation and sometimes guilt, not I train because I love it and because I am far more tuned to what my body needs. Having said that, I also learned that there is way more potential in my body that I give it credit for, when I was training by myself, the highest weight was a 10 pound dumbbell, when I trained with Igor Klibanov, that was the minimum weight we used....and you know what, I soon learned that I was underestimating myself. This might seem contradictory to Matt's tip, but really it's not. Heavier weights were more realistic for me, but I was not fulfilling my potential. In the same way, you may be trying to maintain a crazy work out schedule that is something that is not conducive to keeping up as a lifestyle and those goals may need readjusting in order to make them realistic!


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