Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Beware of the Traps


When I am in a hurry or stressed because I have an overcommitment of my time, it is very easy to grab something "quick and nasty" to eat.When I am racing from pillar to post, it is easy to skip meals and by the time I am ravenous, the tendency is to grab whatever is available.

One of the participants wrote this:"What am I learning? That I'm not nearly as mindful about what I'm doing right now cause I'm so busy."

What is the best way to avoid this?
Simply learning that you need to say "NO" more often can help avoid scenarios where you fall into the trap of compromising on your nutritional commitment to yourself. 

I am not talking about a scenario where you have planned ahead, and the unforeseen has happened. What I am addressing here is when you fill up your schedule so full that you have no time to breathe, no time to sit and think and no time to take care of your own needs. 

What is likely to happen is that your immune system is going to feel the effects of the strain you are putting on it.

Take a moment to think about those times when you have  "caved" and just eaten everything in sight. What were the 24 hours leading up to that point like?
Could you have avoided it?

Remember it is all about learning, and your journey to a healthier and happier you! 

What goes through my mind when I pick what food I am going to eat for a meal?

Does it have protein?  Yes or No
Does it have nutrients?  Yes or No
Does it have fiber?  Yes or No
Is it easily digested by my body? Yes or No
What activities does this food need to sustain?
What other benefits does it have? (For example: Cinnamon has a ton of benefits)  
I don't ask myself, "How many calories does this food have?" because I rely on my bodies hunger and fullness signals to help me in determining  my portion size. For me that Calories in equation does not add up. I cannot metabolize Carbohydrates and sugar the way someone else does, I am carbohydrate intolerant. 

The bottom line is that I am thinking about what I choose for fuel for my body.

So what should you be asking yourself when you choose to eat or not to eat?

Your body is as individual as you are. Your metabolism is unique to you. There are some things that agree with you and some that don't! You are on a journey of discovery! A food may well be considered "healthy" but it may not be "healthy" for you.  There are factors that you have to consider such as inflammation causing foods, ( sugar and grains) and there are foods you should avoid if you have Thyroid conditions. All these factors are things which need to be considered. Calorie counting can be a very limited view of what you are putting in your body. 
It is also not sustainable over a long period of time.

By focusing on reading the labels on your food and educating yourself on ingredients, you will learn to choose the healthier options.

I have made it a policy to avoid glucose-fructose in anything and if I can't pronounce an ingredient, I don't eat it. 

Of course you can't be obsessive about this, or about anything for that matter, you have to be able to make an informed decision and weigh the consequences of what you choose to eat. If once in a while you eat something that is not really considered healthy, no biggie, the point is to be intentional, make healthy choices most of the time, and on the odd occasion if some "bad" thing sneaks in, that's okay.  You are then reducing the instances of ingesting toxins, preservatives and additives and your body will thank you.

Not everyone can follow a cookie cutter diet, so don't try! What works for me, may not work for you. Take responsibility for your journey with food and be compassionate towards yourself if you slip up. Perfection is not the goal, but sustainable lifestyle is. 

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