Thursday, 28 March 2013

3 Piece Snack Tip # 8 by CJ

30 Day Challenge participants take note:

You are in for a treat! 

This 30 Day Challenge for life and adventures will include some tips put together by TOBT's Anthony. As a Physiologist and through Achieva Fitness & Wellness Inc., Anthony Pereira attempts to continuously bring/share empowering messages of betterment to all. Train or be Trained (TOBT) is just another way. We at TOBT feel that in order to properly train, we must be strong in 3 aspects- that is why we give tips 3-fold, or better yet- a 3-Piece Snack!!


By Christopher W

For some great added strength, add some iron to your diet
Forget crunches, lets take your core to a whole other level 
Let's overcome barriers by never giving up & attacking them any which way you can.

Tips by CJ ( Christopher W)
for more on these tips, please watch this VIDEO CLIP

Thank you to TOBT for these 3 Piece Snacks.

Check with your physician or health care provider that you are clear to participate. I am not a doctor and advice on this site is not meant to take the place of your doctor's advice. - Melony Teague

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