Thursday, 14 March 2013

Everything in moderation?

Plenty of Spring water. 
 Photograph of the outlet provided for the public at the brewery.
 The water comes direct, underground from the mountain 
- absolutely pure & uncontaminated
South Africa.
Photo sent in by Sheila. 

 Have you considered the "Everything in moderation" statement?

 For years I struggled with this whole idea of "everything in moderation"as if it was the answer to all weight related or health related problems. It just does not work for me, where my husband can have one square of chocolate and then put the rest away and he called that his "moderation"- my moderation looks a whole lot different to his. MY moderation is half the chocolate bar. And my normal would be to eat the whole thing. I have learned the hard way that I can't just have on square of chocolate in the name of moderation. For me it is all or nothing, and lately, most of the time I have chosen the "nothing" instead of the "eat it all" option. 

Let's face it we are all different. The point is, do you know what category you fit into, or are you still in denial? Are you fooling yourself into thinking you can only have a taster and be satisfied, or do you find yourself "falling off the wagon" more times than you care to admit. It's okay, it is not the end of the world, but learning to recognize where you are in your journey can be helpful. Be honest with yourself and accept where you are so that you can adjust your choices accordingly.

This morning I came across a great blog by fellow blogger, Clare, and rather than repeat everything she says about moderation, I invite you to check out her blog post by clicking here.   

It is called:

Finding your Moderation Rx: Why my moderation won’t look like your moderation.

by Clare, Peak 313

Mallory wrote: "I've been doing great!! I've exceeded the 15 mins of exercise nearly everyday!"

UK countryside

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