Saturday, 2 March 2013

NUTRITIONAL COMMITTMENT - Replacement for 30 Days!

Here is the list of participants from all over the world

Cheryl, Aurora, Canada is replacing sugar, white carbs and wheat.
Jan, Pennsdale, PA. is replacing soda, white carbs and "limiting" coffee to two cups per day.
Wilma, Brandon, Canada. "I am replacing coffee with tea and dairy with rice milk."
Elisabeth, San Carlos, Mexico is replacing wheat.
Heather,Williams Lake, BC. replacing ‘whites’ (rice, flour and sugar) as well as most carbs
Sheila, Cape Town, South Africa, "I will focus on reducing carbs & sodium. No substitutes. Try to eliminate chocolate in all guises"

Anna, Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia - is replacing Coffee and  White carbs, mainly sugar and white flour.

 Crystal, Regina, Canada, is replacing white carbs and soda
Bonnie, Toronto, Canada. "I am cutting out coffee, dairy, sugar and soft drinks."
June, Dewdney BC is replacing Sugar, white carbs and wheat.
Betty, from Vancouver Island, BC is replacing sugar, white carbs, soft drinks and most dairy.
Allan, Williams Lake, BC. Replacing White carbs
Beth, Pittsburgh, PA. "My two replacements are SUGAR and SOFT DRINKS."
Dena in Wilsonville, OR."Dairy, alcohol and white carbs are what I will be replacing for the challenge."
Ishii, Orem, UT  "
I am cutting back on caffeine, the green tea helps alot.  I am only drinking two cups of coffee in the morning. I cut out most grains and I decided to give up bread. I am also trying to cut out sugar."
Nicole,Washington,Seattle is replacing white carbs and sugar.
Livia, Auckland, New Zealand: "I'm going to cut out soft drinks and sugar."
Mallory, Toronto replacing white Carbs (no exceptions) and Soft drinks!
Melony Teague, Toronto is replacing sugar and wheat, and is keeping coffee intake down to 2 cups a day. 

 It seems that many participants want to overcome the sugar beast! I know how hard it is to stay away from sugar when you are doing it for the first time, but rest assured that it gets easier and within a few days or weeks, sugar no longer has a hold on you. Last year around this time, I found out that I was a rat. Are you a rat? 
What on earth am I talking about? If you want to know the sad truth about sugar, read my blog and ask yourself some questions. What I came to realise is that I was addicted to sugar. CLICK HERE TO READ ALL ABOUT IT.

If you are replacing sugar, here are some tips:
1. Have protein at EVERY meal 
2. Make sure you get your greens, Chlorophyll regulates blood sugar
3. Stay away from white carbs and if you suspect you might be addicted to sugar, stay away from ALL carbs for at least 2 weeks to allow your blood to adjust and get rid of the sugars in your blood. 

     GOT YOUR 15 minutes of exercise in today?

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